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Yoshi's Crafted World
Yoshi Craft World - Box NA.png
Developer(s) Good-Feel[1]
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Release date Japan March 29, 2019
USA March 29, 2019[2]
Europe March 29, 2019
Australia March 29, 2019
South Korea March 29, 2019[3]
Genre Platformer
ESRB:ESRB E.svg - Everyone
PEGI:PEGI 3.svg - Three years and older
CERO:CERO A.png - All ages
USK:USK 6.svg - Six years and older
Mode(s) Single player
Nintendo Switch:
Media NS icon.png Cartridge
Media DL icon.svg Digital download
Nintendo Switch:

Yoshi's Crafted World[4] is an upcoming title in the Yoshi franchise, the sixth main platform game starring Yoshi, and the follow-up to the Wii U title Yoshi's Woolly World, intended to be released for the Nintendo Switch on March 29, 2019.[2] It is being developed by Good-Feel, the developer behind Yoshi's Woolly World and its Nintendo 3DS port Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World. As such, the game will feature similar elements from that game, having a hand-crafted look and Yoshi as a playable character. However, Yoshi is not made of yarn as he was in the last title, instead appearing to be made of a plush fabric-like material. The new gameplay feature is the ability to flip between the front and back of stages and to throw Yoshi Eggs on a three-dimensional plane, and the path Yoshi is able to follow is indicated by a yellow pathway.[5] Players can also flip the perspective of levels in two-player mode if both Yoshis Ground Pound.[6]


The Sundream Stone

The Yoshis are seen resting on their island, gathered around the Sundream Stone, an artifact said to possess the power to make dreams come true. Suddenly, Kamek and Baby Bowser, who have heard the legend of the Sundream Stone, arrive at the island to take it for themselves. The Yoshis attempt to save the artifact from being stolen, which leads to its gems becoming detached. These gems are flung across multiple worlds, as are the Yoshis, Kamek and Baby Bowser. [7]

Confirmed characters



Name Description
Egg-Plants Plants that emit Yoshi Eggs.
Poochy A canine ally who can be ridden and driven into obstacles and enemies to destroy them. He follows Yoshi.
Poochy-Pups Three miniature Poochies, each displaying a distinct coloration. They form an objective when levels are played from the backside; they must be spotted in the background of each stage and hit with a Yoshi Egg to reveal them. After coming out of their spots, they follow Yoshi until the end of the level.
Sundream Stone A sentient stone tablet that has five gems which are detached by Kamek and Baby Bowser.



Shy Guys
Name Description
Shy Guys Enemies that come in various colors. They are commonly found on Yoshi's track where they walk from side to side. Running into a Shy Guy can harm Yoshi. However, these enemies can be defeated by any attack method. Sometimes, Shy Guys hide in the background and can be defeated by throwing an egg at them, making them drop any collectible they carry.
Big Guys[8] Voluminous Shy Guys that pace back and forth. They start to run when jumped on and can hurt Yoshi if they touch him. They can be defeated with an egg throw or by eating them. When eaten and swallowed, Big Guys fill up Yoshi's egg stash.

Some Big Guys stay behind large rectangular cutouts, which they push to fall on Yoshi's path and then rise back upright. Yoshi can use these cutouts as platforms.

Bazooka Guys Enemies that carry bazooka-like weapons. They are completely stationary and shoot projectiles in the direction they face. The projectiles move on a straight line and can hurt Yoshi, but will self-destruct after some time. These enemies can be defeated in any way.
Fly Guys[6] Enemies that have the capability to fly using the propellers on their heads. They fly back and forth on a straight line or swirl in formations around a platform at varying speeds,[8] hurting Yoshi if they bump into him. They can be defeated in any manner. Sometimes, Fly Guys carry items which can be obtained by smacking them with an egg or by eating them.
Glider Guys Enemies equipped with a glider, which allows them to float through the air. They make swoops above an area, turning around and descending a bit with each swoop. After they land, they act like normal Shy Guys. They can hurt Yoshi upon contact, but can be defeated with any attack.[8]
Knife Guys[8][9] Enemies that rush in one direction while holding a knife forward. They can hurt Yoshi if they come into contact with him. However, any attack can be used to defeat them.
Ninja Guys[8] Enemies that stay in one place while hurling an indefinite amount of shurikens in the direction they face. They only throw shurikens as long as Yoshi is located in front of them. Ninja Guys can be defeated with any attack.
Pirate Guys Enemies that occupy ship cutouts which move in the background. They operate cannons that fire projectiles at Yoshi's own ship. A Pirate Guy can be defeated by wrecking its ship with a cannonball.[9]
Vampire Guys Shy Guys dressed with a black suit and a red cape which allows them to glide through the air. Once they reach the ground, they act like normal Shy Guys. Although dangerous to bump into, they can be defeated using any attack method.[8]
Zombie Guys[8] Undead relatives of Shy Guys that shuffle slowly on the ground. While usually found in the open, they can also come out of burrows on the ground. They are harmful if touched, but Yoshi can defeat them with any attack.
Zombig Guys Undead relatives of Big Guys that are mostly stationary, although some are encountered walking back and forth in a staggering maner. They can be defeated by throwing an egg or eating them. Like their living counterparts, they can fill up the player's egg stash upon ingestion.[8]
N/A Shy Guys that run around in small dinosaur skulls, trying to ram into Yoshi. They turn around when they bump into something.[5]
Other enemies
Name Description
Fooly Flowers Enemies that mimic the appearance of a Smiley Flower, although they have a different facial expression. In Poochy's Sweet Run, two rounds of Fooly Flowers rotate around their center during a bonus challenge, hiding a Smiley Flower among them.[8]
Goonies Flying bird enemies that travel in flocks. They flap their wings to rise, then glide to descend a bit. Yoshi can step on Goonies and use them as platforms, although this causes them to go downward under his weight.
Koopa Troopas[9] Enemies that walk back and forth. Yoshi can grab them in his mouth.
Mels[8] Caramel enemies that move around in tower formations. They can hurt Yoshi if they bump into him; however, they can be defeated one by one by eating and turning them into eggs or by throwing an egg at them.
Monty Moles[8] Mole enemies that pop out of manholes in the background. They can be hit with eggs.
Piranha Plants Stationary carnivorous plants that chomp air aggressively, waiting to bite and injure Yoshi. They can be defeated by smacking them with an egg.
N/A Pink round creatures with curled, squirrel-like tails[9]
N/A A massive, living fossilized dinosaur that chases Yoshi, destroying everything in its path.[9]
N/A Mels covered in tinfoil. They also walk from side to side in tower formations, but cannot be eaten or defeated with an egg throw. Instead, the player can use Poochy to knock them out.[8]


Name Description
N/A A fuming train that resembles a dragon. It hops and chases Yoshi around.[5]
N/A A blue alien Blooper-like entity.[10]

Confirmed items and objects

Name Description
Regular Coins The most profuse items in the game. They can be collected normally when found floating in the air. However, there are other means of obtaining coins, such as hitting certain Winged Clouds or stealing them from Shy Guys and Fly Guys. Yoshi Eggs will also drop coins when they hit an enemy after rebounding off a wall or a platform. Large coins worth ten regular coins, although rarer, are also common.[6]
Blue Coins[9] Collectibles that are carried by Shy Guys.
Red Coins[6] Collectibles that are commonly found among regular gold coins. There are twenty scattered throughout each stage, sometimes carried by enemies.
Name Description
Checkpoint Bell[6] The checkpoint mark of a level. It resembles an upright plant with an upside-down bell with eyes for a flower. Upon passing a Checkpoint Bell, part of Yoshi's lost energy is restored and any enemies present around the area turn into Hearts.
Egg Blocks Blocks that produce Yoshi Eggs when hit from the bottom. They stop giving out any more when there are six present on-screen.
Hearts Small items with eyes and feet that hop around slowly. They can be collected to regain energy. They are produced by Winged Clouds, but also appear from enemies who are caught on-screen when Yoshi passes a checkpoint. Shortly after spawning, hearts start to flicker and eventually disappear, making them temporary.
Key[9] N/A
Smiley Flower[6] Six such collectibles are found in each level. They can be collected by simply touching them, but Yoshi can also toss an egg at them.
Spring Balls[9] Round objects with an upward arrow imprinted on them.
Winged Cloud[6] Stationary objects that hover above the ground. They turn into an item or a formation of coins when hit with a Yoshi Egg.
Yoshi Eggs Objects that Yoshi can throw at various elements in his close environment. Yoshi Eggs can be aimed with a moving cursor and thrown on both Yoshi's plane and the surrounding planes. They are able to defeat enemies, topple backdrop objects, or trigger switches and other mechanisms to change the environment. If they rebound off a surface and hit an enemy afterwards, they produce three coins. In addition, they can be thrown at coins and Smiley Flowers to collect them.
N/A Winged Clouds that display clocks on them. When hit, the perspective is flipped 180 degrees, allowing Yoshi to see elements previously located behind the camera. However, this happens for a limited time, during which Yoshi can play a minigame of aiming and throwing eggs at enemies to receive a prize.

Confirmed locations

  • A hand-crafted town area with a train moving around it, set inside a house[6]
  • A forest area with giraffe platforms and a few rhinoceros Shy Guys[6]
  • An area with geyser-like platforms[5]
  • A desert area with fossilized triceratops heads[5]
  • A town area taking place at night[5]
  • A foggy town area[5]
  • A shoal area with fish platforms[5]
  • An area with a dragon-like train boss[5]
  • A factory-like area with many gears[9]
  • An overseas area with Yoshi piloting a ship.[9]
  • Ninjarama, a sub world based around Ninjas.[8]
  • Cardstock Carnival, a carnival sub world.[8]
  • Pastel Pathway, a sub world that includes Stitched Together, Poochy's Sweet Run, an unknown played level, and two unplayed levels.[8]
  • Haunted Maker Mansion, a scary graveyard level.[8]


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References to other games

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Name in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヨッシークラフトワールド
Yosshī Kurafuto Wārudo
Yoshi Craft World
Korean 요시 크래프트 월드[11]
Yosi Keuraepeuteu Woldeu
Yoshi Craft World
Chinese 耀西的手工世界[12]
Yàoxī de Shǒugōng Shìjiè
Yoshi's Handicraft World


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