Spike the Piranha (level)

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Spike the Piranha
Yoshi fighting Spike the Piranha in the Yoshi's Crafted World boss level Spike the Piranha.
World Acorn Forest
Game Yoshi's Crafted World
Music track Bigger, Beefier Boss
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Spike the Piranha is the boss level of Acorn Forest in Yoshi's Crafted World. In this level, Yoshi must battle and defeat Spike the Piranha to recover the red Dream Gem. Fifteen Smiley Flowers are required to unlock this level.


At the start of the level, Baby Bowser and Kamek are seen in a garden looking up at a large party ball. Baby Bowser thinks there might be Dream Gems inside it and decides to bust it open. He runs off to find something to throw at it and Kamek follows him. Right after, Yoshi appears and sees the party ball. He is then given the choice of breaking it open or leaving it be.

If Yoshi decides to break it open, he spots a Donguri Heyho nearby and eats him, turning him into an egg which he throws at the party ball, breaking it open. Acorns and spiked balls fall out of it. Kamek and Baby Bowser then show up and become angry that Yoshi broke it open first. If Yoshi decides to leave it alone, Baby Bowser reappears with an acorn and breaks open the party ball himself. After seeing what comes out of it, Baby Bowser becomes angry and Kamek accuses Yoshi of switching the contents. He then uses his magic to combine the party ball, acorns, and spiked balls into Spike the Piranha.

At the start of the battle, four hearts parachute toward Yoshi. Spike begins attacking by spitting out blue spiked balls and Shy Guys at Yoshi, then spitting up five seeds which turn into party balls with Shy Guy and spike ball symbols on them. If Yoshi throws an egg at a party ball with a Shy Guy symbol on it, it breaks open and a Shy Guy falls out, as with the party balls with the spike balls. If a spike ball falls on Spike, he takes damage and becomes angry. For his next attack, he goes into the background and sends two waves of buds toward Yoshi. Two buds then hang over the foreground and spit out Shy Guys, rolling blue spike balls, and bouncing orange spike balls.

Spike then spits more seeds into the air and lunges toward Yoshi in the foreground, but gets stuck in the middle. If Yoshi attacks Spike a second time, he goes back into the background and sends out three waves of two rows of buds. Finally, more buds pop out of the dirt and Spike pops out in the center, spitting out red spiked balls as more party balls appear. If Yoshi hits him a third and final time, he falls apart. After Spike is defeated, Yoshi spots the red Dream Gem growing out of a nearby plant and claims it.


After completing the game's main story, level-specific challenges are unlocked. Clearing each challenge awards one Smiley Flower.

  • Clear by 1.23.00.
  • Clear without taking any damage.
  • Break two or more ivies.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 対決!くす玉パックン
Taiketsu! Kusudama Pakkun
Showdown! Spike the Piranha
Chinese (Simplified) 对决!纸球吞食花
Duìjué!Zhǐqiú Tūnshíhuā
Showdown! Spike the Piranha
Chinese (Traditional) 對決!紙球吞食花
Duìjué!Zhǐqiú Tūnshíhuā
Showdown! Spike the Piranha
Italian Scontro con Pignatta Piranha Clash with Spike the Piranha
Spanish ¡Duelo con la Piñata Piraña! Duel Against Spike the Piranha!