The Great King Bowser (level)

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“And so, the Sundream Stone was finally restored. Together, the Yoshis dreamed...that they could be returned to their island home!”
In-game text, Yoshi's Crafted World
The Great King Bowser
Blue Yoshi fighting The Great King Bowser.
World Shadowville
Game Yoshi's Crafted World
Music track The Great King Bowser
Final Fights and Last Hurrahs
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The Great King Bowser is the boss level of Shadowville in Yoshi's Crafted World. This level takes place on the roof of Bowser's Castle. In this level, Yoshi must battle and defeat both The Great King Bowser and Mega Baby Bowser to recover all the stolen Dream Gems. Thirty Smiley Flowers are required to unlock this level. This is the final level of the main story, and beating it unlocks both level-specific challenges and Hidden Hills, the true final world of the game.


At the start of the level, Yoshi is seen finding the green Dream Gem, then calling his friends over, who are carrying the Sundream Stone. Just as he is about to place the gem back in, Kamek swoops by and takes both the Dream Gem and the Sundream Stone. Baby Bowser then reveals himself just as Kamek puts the gem back in place. Baby Bowser makes a wish for the "biggest, baddest, most awesomest robot", and the Sundream Stone uses the nearby craft materials to create a large mechanical machine designed after Baby Bowser, with a cockpit for Baby Bowser to pilot. To defeat The Great King Bowser, Yoshi needs to destroy both its arms to pop out of the cockpit and reveal Baby Bowser. He then needs to toss an Egg at Baby Bowser to knock him down, then Ground Pound him. After doing this three times, the robot starts smoking and malfunctioning before it falls apart, leaving only the platform it was stationed on.

Kamek, enraged that Yoshi has defeated Baby Bowser, uses his magic and the power of the Sundream Stone to give him more strength, making him much larger and more powerful. Yoshi now needs to defeat Mega Baby Bowser to rescue his friends and the Sundream Stone. To damage Baby Bowser, Yoshi needs to toss an Egg at his giant rubber hammer to get it himself, then load it onto one of the two suction cups. He is then able to Ground Pound the red button below to hammer Baby Bowser multiple times, taking away about 3,000 of his HP before the hammer flies off. Baby Bowser has 9,999 HP, as shown by the slot machine on him, requiring Yoshi do to this about three times.

After Mega Baby Bowser is finally defeated, he falls and shrinks to his normal size. Kamek berates the Yoshis one last time before flying off with Baby Bowser on his broom, after warning them they will pay for all they have done. The Yoshis wave and cheer before the crown Mega Baby Bowser wore rolls out of the way, revealing the Sundream Stone with all its gems fallen out. They pick the stone back up and place every Dream Gem back in place, giving it the power to grant wishes once again and causing the Yoshis to cheer in joy. Together, the Yoshis dream of a way to return to their island home. The Sundream Stone uses its power to create a large craft sky boat which the Yoshis use to sail back home.


After completing the game's main story, level-specific challenges are unlocked. Clearing each challenge awards one Smiley Flower.

  • Clear by 4.30.00.
  • Clear without taking any damage.
  • Strike the big meteorite with a hammer.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 対決!さいきょうクッパキング
Taiketsu! Saikyō Kuppa Kingu
Showdown! The Great King Bowser

Chinese (simplified) 对决!最强酷霸王
Duìjué!Zuìqiáng Kùbàwáng
Showdown! The Great King Bowser

Chinese (traditional) 對決!最強庫巴國王
Duìjué!Zuìqiáng Kùbā Guówáng
Showdown! The Great King Bowser

French Face à Sa Suprématie Bowser
Facing His Supremacy Bowser
Italian Scontro con Gran Re Bowser
Clash with Great King Bowser
Spanish ¡Duelo con el Rey Supremo Bowser!
Duel Against The Great King Bowser!