Sundream Stone

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Sundream Stone
Sundream Stone.png
First appearance Yoshi's Crafted World (2019)

The Sundream Stone[1] is a sentient stone tablet that is set to appear in Yoshi's Crafted World. The Sundream Stone contains five gems that are yellow, green, magenta, orange and blue which surround a sentient stone resembling a sun. This sentient stone makes several expressions depending on the situation. The stone tablet itself is blue, red, orange and yellow, resembling a sun. It supposedly possesses the power to make anyones dreams come true, and it resides on the topmost peak of Yoshi's Island. During the start of the game, eight Yoshis are seen running around the Sundream Stone when Baby Bowser, riding on Kamek, flies over to the island as Kamek casts a spell that lifts the Sundream Stone in the air. Orange Yoshi is seen hanging onto the Sundream Stone as the other Yoshis start pulling and tackling the Sundream Stone, resulting in it releasing its five gems, sending them, the Yoshis, Kamek, Baby Bowser and itself around the island. Without its five gems, Sundream Stone turns white.[1]


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