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YCW Robot.png
Artwork of Fin Blockafeller
First appearance Yoshi's Crafted World (2019)
Notable members
“Thanks! That really puts a spring in my step!”
Blockafeller, Yoshi's Crafted World

Blockafellers[1] are a family of robot-like characters in Yoshi's Crafted World. They have springy arms, heads with a flower on top and a large nose, a singular "foot" made out of a bottle cap, and bodies made out of cardboard boxes. All Blockafellers except for the one in Sunshine Station start out without any energy in the middle of the path, with their appearance being a box with a meter in front of it. Once they are given the required amount of Smiley Flowers to recharge them, they unlock the world and stay on the far left spot on the map of the world, or to the left of the boss battles. Their color scheme changes depending on the Blockafeller. Their name appears to be a combination of "block" and "Rockefeller."

Three types of Blockafeller exist in the game. The first kind is the standard kind that appears in each world. The second is a larger variant known as Torques. These ones have two bottle cap feet instead of one, lack springy arms (having them directly attached to their bodies instead) and wear clothing such as overalls, sunhats, or sunglasses. These Blockafellers appear on each boss battle island. Finally, there is a single elderly Blockafeller with a cane and elf hat named Crumples who appears twice in the game, once to tell the player they can choose the order to search for the red, purple, and yellow Dream Gems, and again once the player collects said Dream Gems to access the final few areas. After talking with him in both of these encounters, he flies away with balloons on his back.

After the player beats a level, the world's Blockafeller assigns them a task that involves going back to the same level to collect a souvenir for them, such as collecting five cardboard cows in Rail-Yard Run. When the task is beaten, the player can choose to continue playing the level or to exit it. When the level is exited after the task is completed, the world's Blockafeller gives the player a Smiley Flower.

A Blockafeller costume can also be unlocked by finding Sprout in every level.

List of Blockafellers[edit]

Blockafeller Appearance Area Requested crafts Craft location
Fin Blockafeller YCW.png
Coal Blockafeller
Yellow head and hands and red body with a train design on the front. Coal does not show up until Yoshi has completed Rail-Yard Run. He is one of the four Blockafellers in the game to be named. Sunshine Station Cow ×5 Rail-Yard Run
Paper Airplane Rail-Yard Run (flip side)
Milk Bottle ×5
Fin Blockafeller
Light blue head and hands and a dark blue body with a fish design on the front. He is Coal's younger brother and one of the four Blockafellers in the game to be named. Yarrctopus Docks Flatfish Many Fish in the Sea
Flightless Goonie ×6 Pirate Pier
Crab ×3 Many Fish in the Sea
Pirate Ship Pirate Pier (flip side)
Squid Many Fish in the Sea (flip side)
Steamboat Pirate Pier (flip side)
Small Stripy Fish ×5 Many Fish in the Sea (flip side)
Blockafeller.png Light brown head and hands and a brown body with a spiral design on the front. Go-Go Land Crown Poochy's Tape Trail
Derby Sheep ×7
Pumpkin Poochy's Tape Trail (flip side)
Paperblock.png Dark red head and hands and red body with a rock design on the front. Big Paper Peak Curious Rock Whistlestop Rails
Mine Cart with a Flag Mine-Cart Cave
Ax Mousers and Magnets (flip side)
Buffalo ×5 Whistletop Rails (flip side)
Tent Mousers and Magnets (flip side)
Crystal Cluster ×6 Mine-Cart Cave
Bat Family Mine-Cart Cave (flip side)
Crystal Block ×6 Mousers and Magnets
Cactus Cart Whistletop Rails
Caramel Billboard ×3 One in each level in Big Paper Peak
Origamiblock.png Pink head and hands and red body with a flower design on the front. Origami Gardens Flutter Sign Spring Sprung Trail (flip side)
Cabbage ×6 Monty-Mole-B-Gone (flip side)
Bottle House Spring Sprung Trail
Turnip Monty-Mole-B-Gone
Butterfly ×5 Spring Sprung Trail
Radish Monty-Mole-B-Gone (flip side)
Dinoblock.png Yellow head and hands and orange body with a Skelesaurus skull design on the front. Dino Desert Beach Umbrella Dino Smash (flip side)
Camel ×3 Skelesaurus Wrecks (flip side)
Bejeweled Monument Dino Smash
Cheerful Pyramid Skelesaurus Wrecks (flip side)
Cactus Rock ×4 Dino Smash
Yoshi Statue ×3 Skelesaurus Wrecks
Fin Blockafeller Pastel Pathway.png Pink head and hands and yellow body with a yarn ball design on the front. Pastel Pathway Stopped Windmill Stitched Together
Cheerful Cupcake Poochy's Sweet Run
Hot Air Balloon ×5 Yoshi Pulls Some Strings
Lightning Bolt Stitched Together (flip side)
Yoshi Cookie ×5 Poochy's Sweet Run (flip side)
Squirella Yoshi Pulls Some Strings (flip side)
Apple Trees ×5 Stitched Together
Mushroom Stump Yoshi Pulls Some Strings
King of Donuts Poochy's Sweet Run (flip side)
Skyblock.png Light blue head and hands and pink body with a cloud design on the front. Sky-High Heights Blargg Rock Poochy's Magma Run
Egg Carton Flightless Goonie Windward Way (flip side)
Tyrannosaurus ×4 Poochy's Magma Run (flip side)
Golden UFO ×3 Altitude Adjustment (flip side)
Egg Carton Flower Windward Way (flip side)
Pteranodon ×3 Poochy's Magma Run
Smiling Star ×5 Windward Way
Cardblock.png Light green head and hands and red body with a circus tent design on the front. Cardstock Carnival Raven Blimp ×5 Spinwheel Shuffle (flip side)
Poochy Picture Haunted Maker Mansion (flip side)
Sneaky Shy Guy ×4 Hoop-Jump Hop (flip side)
Roller Coaster Spinwheel Shuffle
Wagon Hoop-Jump Hop (flip side)
Grandfather Clock Haunted Maker Mansion (flip side)
Merry-Go-Round Spinwheel Shuffle
Night-Sky Ghost ×6 Haunted Maker Mansion
Acornblock.png Light green head and hands and dark green body with a tree design on the front. Acorn Forest Organic Mouse Weighing Acorns
Rabbit Rock Jumping to Victory
Shy Guy Acorn ×5 Weighing Acorns
Bear Rock Jumping to Victory
Wooden Lion Weighing Acorns (flip side)
Blue Mushroom ×5 Jumping to Victory (flip side)
Chillyblock.png White head and hands and blue body with a boat design on the front. Chilly-Hot Isles Bearcup ×5 Slip-Slide Isle
Tray Boat Bombs Away on Pirate Island (flip side)
Snowman Slip-Slide Isle
Octopus Cap'n Bombs Away on Pirate Island (flip side)
Palm Island Slip-Slide Isle (flip side)
Cheep Cheep ×5 Bombs Away on Pirate Island
Ninjablock.png Pink head and hands and purple body with a ninja star design on the front. Ninjarama Paper-Lantern Ghost Deceptive Doors (flip side)
Helmet ×5 The Shogun's Castle
Bonsai Tree ×2 Behind the Shoji (flip side)
Gold Shuriken ×5 Deceptive Doors
Cherry-Blossom Folding Screen The Shogun's Castle (flip side)
Shy Guy Kite ×4 Behind the Shoji (flip side)
Potted Snake Deceptive Doors
The Shogun of Skewers Banner The Shogun's Castle (flip side)
Japanese Lantern ×3 Behind the Shoji
Rumbleblock.png Green head and hands and light blue body with a leaf design on the front. Rumble Jungle Orange Gator Exploring the Animal Kingdom
Roosting Tree Exploring the Animal Kingdom (flip side)
Snail ×6 Hoppin' Higher
Flamingo Hoppin' Higher (flip side)
Orange Papier-Mâché ×5 Jungle Tour Challenge (flip side)
Tiger Hoppin' Higher (flip side)
Twisty Red Tree ×5 Exploring the Animal Kingdom
Mystery Animal Jungle Tour Challenge (flip side)
Second Mystery Animal
Zebra ×3 One in each level in Rumble Jungle
Outerblock.png Purple head and hands and blue body with a Saturn design on the front. Outer Orbit Command Module The Countdown Begins (flip side)
Alien Friend ×6 Ride the Stars (flip side)
Red Sun Space-Hub Hubbub (flip side)
Spirited Star Ride the Stars
Lunar Lander The Countdown Begins
Shy Guy Cruiser ×5 Space-Hub Hubbub
Stylish UFO Ride the Stars
Saturn Space-Hub Hubbub (flip side)
Unidentified Object ×6 The Countdown Begins
Cheeryblock.png Light green head and hands and orange body with a sun design on the front. Cheery Valley Bottle Hut Ride the River
Dragonfly ×5 Open, Shut!
Dried Fish Ride the River
Wooden House Open, Shut! (flip side)
Car Sign ×5 Solar Zoom (flip side)
Helicopter Open, Shut! (flip side)
Tin Boat ×5 Ride the River (flip side)
Shadowblock.png Blue head and hands and pink body with a light bulb design on the front. Shadowville Trash Can ×4 Be Afraid of the Dark (flip side)
Whale Skulking Around
Little Mouser Mr. Geary's Factory
Nighttime Vehicle Be Afraid of the Dark
Vase ×4 Skulking Around
Forklift Mr. Geary's Factory
Dog House Be Afraid of the Dark
Cheep Cheep Picture ×5 Skulking Around (flip side)
Happy Gear ×6 Mr. Geary's Factory (flip side)
Can Robot ×3 One in each level in Shadowville
Hiddenblock.png Yellow head and hands and light blue body with a flower design on the front. Hidden Hills Shrunk Plastic Baby Bowser ×5 Rough Rolling
Shrunk Plastic Yoshi ×5 Under Siege
Shrunk Plastic Kamek ×5 Floppin' and Poppin'


Yoshi's Crafted World[edit]

  • North American website bio: "The Blockafeller brothers and cousins act as gatekeepers to each new area and help roll out new challenges."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クラフトン
Spanish Cartúñez Portmanteau of cartón (cardboard) and the surname Núñez
Chinese (Simplified) 库拉夫顿
Chinese (Traditional) 庫拉夫頓


  • In the demo for Yoshi's Crafted World, the Blockafeller in Sunshine Station is named Fin instead of Coal, whereas his brother who is named Fin in the full game is not present in the demo at all. This can be discovered by speaking with the Blockafeller first before playing Rail-Yard Run.