Torque (species)

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First appearance Yoshi's Crafted World (2019)
Variant of Blockafeller

Torques are large variants of Blockafellers that appear in Yoshi's Crafted World. They appear at each boss area in the world map. Unlike standard Blockafellers, Torques have two bottle cap feet instead of one, have hands directly attached to their bodies, and are shown to wear clothing such as overalls, sunhats, or sunglasses. They do not give Yoshi any craft missions. Before every boss area, Torques appear in an enclosed state, saying they are "wiped out". Yoshi has to give them a certain number of Smiley Flowers to advance.

A Torque costume can be randomly obtained in Hidden Hills for 300 Coins.

List of Torques[edit]

Torque Appearance Area
Yellow head and hands and wears green overalls with a wrench in the pocket. Big Paper Peak
Gray head and hands and wears a yellow sunhat and blue overalls, with one strap on. Acorn Forest
Pink head, peach body, and yellow hands. Wears orange sunglasses on top of its head and yellow and white striped swim trunks. Chilly-Hot Isles
Green head and hands and wears an explorer outfit. Rumble Jungle
Identical to the one in Big Paper Peak, but its pocket is brown instead of green. Shadowville
Green head and hands. Wears a blue hawaiian shirt and green pants, along with white sunglasses. Yoshi must give it Smiley Flowers multiple times, each time unlocking a new level. Hidden Hills