Rush Heyho

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Rush Heyho
A Rush Heyho with a ninja sword in Yoshi's Crafted World
A Rush Heyho with a ninja sword
First appearance Yoshi's Crafted World (2019)
Variant of Shy Guy
Fly Heyho
Ninja Guy

Rush Heyho are Shy Guys that appear as enemies in Yoshi's Crafted World. Like Ninja Guys, they are present in every Ninjarama stage.

Most Rush Heyho are encountered normally on Yoshi's path, but some appear from behind shoji-like doors. They carry ninja swords, which they point in front of them while rushing forward. When they bump into a wall or another Rush Heyho, or simply encounter a platform's edge, they stop for a short time before turning the other way and continuing to scurry. Yoshi receives damage if he gets rushed into by a Rush Heyho, although he can defeat the enemies by using any attack method.

In Outer Orbit, there is a space-themed skin of Rush Heyho, along with several other Shy Guy types. This Rush Heyho wears silver clothing and a space helmet, and hops out of spaceships wielding space swords resembling glow sticks. However, it acts in the same way.


Internal names[edit]

Game File Name Meaning

Yoshi's Crafted World Game/Assets/Characters/Heyho/HeyhoRush HeyhoRush Rush Shy Guy