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Shadowville, Yoshi's Crafted World.
The final level of Shadowville.
Game Yoshi's Crafted World
Level(s) 4
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Shadowville is the last world in the main story of Yoshi's Crafted World. It is a darkened world with spooky and challenging levels. It is unlocked after completing Cheery Valley, and costs fifteen Smiley Flowers to open. It is made up of four levels: Be Afraid of the Dark, Skulking Around, Mr. Geary's Factory, and The Great King Bowser. Completing this world unlocks boss level-specific challenges, Sprout hide-and-seek missions, and Hidden Hills, the true final world of the game.


Level Preview Description
Be Afraid of the Dark Be Afraid of the Dark, the first level of Shadowville in Yoshi's Crafted World. A dark, spooky level filled with Bunmawashi Dolls, creepy dolls which chase Yoshi with axes in the dark. There are small spots of light along the way serving as safe spots for the player.
Skulking Around Skulking Around, the second level of Shadowville in Yoshi's Crafted World. A sneaky level in which Yoshi must pass through while avoiding the flashing lights. If he is caught in a beam, it turns red, and Li'l Marchers start spawning and running after him. He is able to deactivate the alarm and get rid of the guards by hitting switches which reset the beams.
Mr. Geary's Factory Mr. Geary's Factory, the third level of Shadowville in Yoshi's Crafted World. The third and final mini-boss level, a factory filled with gears, compactors, and lava. Yoshi must fight Mr. Geary at the end of this level.
The Great King Bowser Blue Yoshi fighting The Great King Bowser. The final level in the main story. Yoshi must fight both The Great King Bowser and Mega Baby Bowser to recover the last Dream Gem.


Image Name Count Level Blockafeller hint
YMCcraft109.png Trash Can 4 Be Afraid of the Dark They're on the flip side of the dark city... It was extra spooky there.
YMCcraft110.png Whale 1 Skulking Around I think I saw one in the museum. I wonder what kind of whale it was.
YMCcraft111.png Little Mouser 1 Mr. Geary's Factory If you find one in the gear factory, give it a helping hand!
YMCcraft112.png Nighttime Vehicle 1 Be Afraid of the Dark Last time I was in the dark city, I saw one with its tail lights all lit up.
YMCcraft113.png Vase 4 Skulking Around I saw some in the museum, but I don't think they were part of an exhibit...
YMCcraft114.png Forklift 1 Mr. Geary's Factory The gear factory seems like a logical place to check for this!
YMCcraft115.png Dog House 1 Be Afraid of the Dark I saw one in the dark city. I wonder whose dog lives there...
YMCcraft116.png Cheep Cheep Picture 5 Skulking Around Check out the flip side of the museum. Their location won't be readily apparent.
YMCcraft117.png Happy Gear 6 Mr. Geary's Factory There are lots of gears on the flip side of the factory, but only some are smiling...
YMCcraft118.png Can Robot 3 Be Afraid of the Dark
Skulking Around
Mr. Geary's Factory
There's one each in three different courses, so try to find them all!


Image Name Rarity Durability Cost
YCWcostume148.png Gears Super Rare ☆☆☆☆☆ 250
YCWcostume152.png Electric Lift Rare ☆☆☆☆ 250
YCWcostume153.png Li'l Marcher Rare ☆☆☆☆ 250
YCWcostume154.png Lightbulb Rare ☆☆☆☆ 250
YCWcostume155.png Barrier Normal ☆☆☆ 250
YCWcostume159.png Painted Wall Normal ☆☆☆ 250
YCWcostume158.png Train Car Normal ☆☆☆ 250
YCWcostume157.png Red Trash Bin Normal ☆☆☆ 250
YCWcostume156.png Green Apple Normal ☆☆☆ 250
YCWcostume160.png Black Coffee Creamer Normal ☆☆☆ 250

Enemies introduced[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダークランド
Dāku Rando
Dark Land

Chinese 黑暗园地 (Simplified)
黑暗園地 (Traditional)
Hēi'àn Yuándì
Dark Grounds

Italian Città delle ombre
City of the shadows
Spanish Región Sombría
Dark Region