Poochy's Tape Trail

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Poochy's Tape Trail
World Go-Go Land
Game Yoshi's Crafted World
Music track Main Theme
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Poochy's Tape Trail is the fourth level of Yoshi's Crafted World, and the first level of Go-Go Land. Five Smiley Flowers are required to play this level.


Front side[edit]

The level begins with two rolls of tape which Yoshi must unroll, along with a few Shy Guys and Fly Guys. Afterwards, the first Makimaki appears, followed by a few more in the next area. This eventually leads to some Shy Guys in a hedge, along with the first Check Point. Yoshi must then climb a spiral tape trail with more Makimaki, then navigate another tape trail with more Fly Guys. The path then splits not long after, and Yoshi must navigate overlapping tape trails to proceed to the area where Poochy presides. After traveling with Poochy for a while, the second Check Point follows, along with another tape trail. The path then splits again multiple times, and Yoshi must travel across multiple tape trails in the foreground and background to allow Poochy to proceed. Afterwards, Yoshi and Poochy must travel on one final roll of tape to the goal.

Flip side[edit]

After the clear screen, the course flips around, revealing the Poochy Pups, which then run out into the level. Yoshi is given the choice to find them, or go back to the world map. The Light-Blue Poochy Pup is found on a teal-shelled snail made of tape. The Black Poochy Pup hops from two boxes on an island in the background, near the second Message Block. The Pink Poochy Pup sits behind a bush next to a stationary Shy Guy, near the frog prince.


Smiley Flowers[edit]

  • Smiley Flower 1: Just above and to the left of the third Makimaki. To collect it, Yoshi must stun said Makimaki after it has completely unraveled its roll of tape, then jump over to the left to reach the platform the Smiley Flower is situated on.
  • Smiley Flower 2: Just before the first path split, Yoshi must hit a Time Cloud, then hit all Shy Guys in the background with Blue Coins before time runs out to claim the Smiley Flower.
  • Smiley Flower 3: At the first path split, Yoshi must take the furthest path from the camera, then travel on the tape roll that tunnels through the frog prince structure to obtain the Smiley Flower.
  • Smiley Flower 4: After the third set of Makimaki encountered by Poochy, there is a patch of pink dirt that Poochy must tunnel through while facing left, allowing him to reach the Smiley Flower and give it to Yoshi.
  • Smiley Flower 5: Just before the sixth set of Makimaki encountered by Poochy (and just before the second Check Point), Yoshi must jump off Poochy just at his maximum jump height from jumping over a ledge to collect the Smiley Flower.
  • Smiley Flower 6: Just after the second Check Point, Yoshi must hit a high-up Time Cloud, then collect all Blue Coins that appear before time runs out to collect the Smiley Flower.
  • Smiley Flower 7: At the final fork of tape trails just before the goal, Yoshi must go all the way left on the path closest to the camera, throw an egg at the roll of tape over to the left, then travel further left to obtain the Smiley Flower.

Three more Smiley Flowers are awarded for collecting at least 100 coins in the level, completing the level with 20 hearts, and collecting all 20 Red Coins.


Found on the front side:

  • Crown: Found on a frog prince's head below a bridge, at the spot of the third Smiley Flower.

Found on the front side:

  • Derby Sheep 1: Below a roll of tape after a set of Makimaki.
  • Derby Sheep 2: Behind a blue tree at the spot where the path splits.
  • Derby Sheep 3: On top of a blue tree in the background, on an island with a Present Box.
  • Derby Sheep 4: Near the patch of pink dirt, behind a popsicle stick fence that must be hit first.
  • Derby Sheep 5: After the tape trail right after the second Check Point, found in the middle of a group with four yellow-faced sheep.
  • Derby Sheep 6: Peeking from behind a house on an island in the background, near the first thick tree.
  • Derby Sheep 7: Peeking from behind a thick tree with a Makimaki and a 10 Coin.

Found on the flip side:

  • Pumpkin: Located in the foreground after the tape roll that follows the spot with the pink dirt.

Found on the flip side:

  • Tulip: In the background near a tower, at the last Makimaki.


Sprout is found at the second Check Point, in the background on a box. He is next to a yellow-faced sheep.


Message Block information[edit]

Front side:

This here's Poochy.
Pretty darn cute, eh?! He'll run in whichever direction Yoshi faces.

Flip side:

Gather the Poochy Pups!
Touch a Poochy Pup and it will follow you.

Gather the Poochy Pups!
Toss eggs at the Poochy Pups to coax them to follow you.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ポチとつなぐテープの道
Pochi to Tsunagu Tēpu no Michi
Road of Tape Alongside with Poochy

Chinese 骑着波奇通过胶带之路 (Simplified)
騎著波奇通過膠帶之路 (Traditional)
Qízhe Bōqí Tōngguò Jiāodài zhī Lù
Ride Poochy and Cross the Tape Road

French Poochy et les routes déroulantes
Poochy and the unravelling roads
Italian Poochy e le strade adesive
Poochy and the adhesive roads
Spanish Con Poochy y las cintas de colores
With Poochy and the Colourful Tapes