The Tin-Can Condor

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This article is about the boss level in Yoshi's Crafted World. For the boss that is fought in it, see Tin-Can Condor.
The Tin-Can Condor
The Tin-Can Condor stage from Yoshi's Crafted World
World Big Paper Peak
Game Yoshi's Crafted World
Music track Bigger, Beefier Boss
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The Tin-Can Condor is the boss level of Big Paper Peak in Yoshi's Crafted World. In it, Yoshi must fight the Tin-Can Condor to progress to Origami Gardens. Fifteen Smiley Flowers are required to play this level.


At the beginning of the level, Yoshi spots a Little Mouser next to the blue Dream Gem. It picks up the gem and runs away with it. Baby Bowser and Kamek are seen in the arena, searching for the gem. Kamek asks if Yoshi has found any gems. If Yoshi says yes, they will not believe him. If Yoshi says no, they will believe him. Kamek then creates the Tin-Can Condor from a large tin can he was searching in.

Yoshi begins the battle with a large magnet in front of him that he can carry in his mouth. Four hearts on a parachute also move toward Yoshi. The Tin-Can Condor lays blue spiky eggs that roll towards Yoshi. If Yoshi spits the magnet onto the Condor's body, it will fall down, with its crown falling off. Yoshi must ground pound its head to hit it.

During the second phase, the Condor pounds on the ground multiple times, and lays more spiky eggs, this time in increasing numbers. It then flies by with paper airplanes coming down on Yoshi. Two Little Mousers come out of the straws, one holding a magnet. If Yoshi takes the magnet, he can damage the Tin-Can Condor twice.

In the final phase, the Tin-Can Condor pounds on the ground more, and lays more eggs. The spiky eggs come in more colors now: yellow bounces, and red moves faster. The Condor sends more paper airplanes down at Yoshi in different patterns from before. Three more Little Mousers appear during this, with one magnet. This allows Yoshi to hit the Tin-Can Condor a third and final time.

After defeating the Tin-Can Condor, Yoshi spots the Little Mouser with the blue Dream Gem. It gets scared away, dropping the gem, which Yoshi then collects.


After completing the game's main story, level-specific challenges are unlocked to attempt. Clearing each challenge awards one Smiley Flower.

  • Clear by 1:25.00.
  • Clear without taking any damage.
  • Attach a magnet when the boss's face is red.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 対決!あきかんバード
Taiketsu! Aki-kan Bādo
Showdown! Tin-Can Condor
Chinese (Simplified) 对决!空罐飞鸟
Duìjué!Kōngguàn Fēiniǎo
Showdown! Tin-Can Condor
Chinese (Traditional) 對決!空罐飛鳥
Duìjué!Kōngguàn Fēiniǎo
Showdown! Tin-Can Condor
French Face à Alucondor Vs. Tin-Can Condor
Italian Scontro con Lattinello Clash against Tin-can Condor
Spanish ¡Duelo con la Aguilata! Duel Against the Tin-Can Condor!