Stitched Together

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Stitched Together
World Pastel Pathway
Game Yoshi's Crafted World
Music track Yards of Yarn
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Stitched Together is the first level of Pastel Pathway in Yoshi's Crafted World. This level reuses assets from Yoshi's Woolly World, such as windmills and mobiles.


Front side[edit]

Yoshi begins the level with a Woozy Guy directly in front of him. An accordion wall that Yoshi must push in a way similar to Yoshi's Woolly World appears right after. Pushing it all the way makes coins appear. More Woozy Guys and a Piranha Plant appear ahead, with a mobile above the ground. Below the mobile, a Shy Guy sits in front of a Winged Cloud that makes coins appear. Jumping from the mobile, Yoshi reaches a large set of logs to walk on. There are three spots he can ground pound, each with a Shy Guy Tower. Two of them have springs bouncing Yoshi back up, with the far right one leading onward. Further into the level is another mobile that Yoshi can go on from the right. A cardboard-wearing Shy Guy that charges at Yoshi is found on it. After that is a red windmill with Gusties appearing at it. A cardboard-wearing Shy Guy stands at the first Check Point.

After the first checkpoint, Yoshi can jump down to find an Egg Block, with several Shy Guys behind him. Next, Yoshi is required to walk on mobiles with a pit below him, with Woozy Guys and Piranha Plants around them. After that, Yoshi is able to jump down to reach a giant mobile with a blue Time Cloud at it. Next is two more windmills, with more Gusties appearing at them. After that is a house that Yoshi can go in by throwing an egg at a bush blocking the path. After another mobile, Yoshi reaches the second Check Point.

Next is more mobiles and windmills Yoshi must traverse, along hanging cloud platforms, with more Gusties appearing. A red Time Cloud appears, making Yoshi find a Fly Guy carrying a Smiley Flower, hiding behind cloud crafts. After moving through more mobiles with Woozy Guys, Piranha Plants, and Gusties, Yoshi reaches the goal.

Flip side[edit]

The background is light red on the flip side as opposed to light blue on the front. Gusties still face the camera. The light-blue Poochy Pup is found hanging from the bottom of a mobile after the first Check Point. The black Poochy Pup is found inside the structure with the second Check Point on it. A small spring is put at the bottom of the spot where Yoshi ground pounded down a log. The pink Poochy Pup is found in place of a Winged Cloud that a Shy Guy sits in front of, close to the goal.


Smiley Flowers[edit]

  • Smiley Flower 1: Obtained by hitting a Winged Cloud at the middle of the first windmill.
  • Smiley Flower 2: At the set of mobiles after the first checkpoint, going left on top of the mobiles leads Yoshi to a hidden Winged Cloud containing the flower.
  • Smiley Flower 3: Shortly after the second flower, Yoshi must hit a blue Time Cloud at a giant mobile and collect all Blue Coins that appear within the time limit.
  • Smiley Flower 4: Appears in the house when pushing a squishable block.
  • Smiley Flower 5: Obtained by going to the left on top of a mobile after the second checkpoint.
  • Smiley Flower 6: Yoshi must hit a red Time Cloud to have four Fly Guys appearing behind cardboard clouds. The player must remember where the one with the flower hides.

Three more Smiley Flowers are awarded for collecting at least 100 coins in the level, completing the level with 20 hearts, and collecting all 20 Red Coins.


Found on the front side:

  • Stopped Windmill: Found in the background, at the end of the set of mobiles after the Egg Block.

Found on the flip side:

  • Lightning Bolt: Found with other clouds, and can be reached at the fifth Smiley Flower's original location.

Found on the front side:

  • Apple Tree 1: Found far in the background at the spot after the first mobile.
  • Apple Tree 2: Found in the background at a log after Yoshi ground pounds through one of three logs.
  • Apple Tree 3: Right after the first Check Point, right behind a tree with platforms Yoshi can walk on.
  • Apple Tree 4: In the background of the spot with the Roulette Block.
  • Apple Tree 5: Right behind the fourth Smiley Flower when it appears.


Near the beginning, at the spot where a Shy Guy sits in front of a Winged Cloud, Sprout is found in the background partially behind a bush.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 毛糸の国のヨッシー
Keito no Kuni no Yosshī
Yoshi of the Wool Country

Chinese 毛线之国的耀西 (Simplified)
毛線之國的耀西 (Traditional)
Máoxiàn zhī Guó de Yàoxī
Yoshi of the Wool Country

French Royaume feutré
Cozy Kingdom
Italian Nel Regno dei gomitoli
In the Kingdom of the wools
Spanish Yoshi en el reino textil
Yoshi in the Textile Kingdom