Go-Go Yoshi (level)

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Go-Go Yoshi
World Go-Go Land
Game Yoshi's Crafted World
Music track Go for the Flower!
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Go-Go Yoshi is the fifth level of Yoshi's Crafted World, and the second level of Go-Go Land. This level has no crafts.


Front side[edit]

After the level begins, Yoshi must head into the Go-Go Yoshi mech. The terrain starts with a few trees, hills, and boxes. After some advertisement billboards, a few houses appear, followed by some trucks and some big Item Balloons with boxes containing items. After another set of advertisement billboards, more big Item Balloons and trucks follow, along with bigger houses. Some big Item Balloons with Shy Guys then appear, along with yet another set of advertisement billboards and trucks. Larger trees then appear while interspersed with more big Item Balloons with Shy Guys, along with a door leading to the next area.

The next area begins with additional boxes, as well as four Shy Guys carrying Heyho Coin Bags. Some individual boxes with Shy Guys then appear, followed by a few more Item Balloons, as well as even more large trees, one more large house, and one more door leading to the goal.

Flip side[edit]

Scoring does not apply on the flip side. The Light-Blue Poochy Pup rides in a truck driven by a Shy Guy. Yoshi must punch it before the Shy Guy drives it away. The Black Poochy Pup is found on the third cardboard box in the second set of boxes carried by Item Balloons. The Pink Poochy Pup rides a golden UFO that starts gliding in the background, then eventually moves to a position where Yoshi can reach it.


Smiley Flowers[edit]

  • Smiley Flower 1: Just after the first set of advertisement billboards, Yoshi must hit an arch and then jump to collect the Smiley Flower.
  • Smiley Flower 2: After the area featuring large piles of boxes, Yoshi will encounter a zigzagging truck with a trailer featuring a Smiley Flower insignia. He must punch it to obtain the Smiley Flower.
  • Smiley Flower 3: Just before the final set of large trees, Yoshi will encounter a big Item Balloon carrying a box with a Smiley Flower insignia. He must punch it to get the Smiley Flower.
  • Smiley Flower 4: Automatically collected for scoring 7000 points.
  • Smiley Flower 5: Automatically collected for scoring 8000 points.
  • Smiley Flower 6: Automatically collected for scoring 9000 points.

Three more Smiley Flowers are awarded for collecting at least 100 coins in the level, completing the level with 20 hearts, and collecting all 20 Red Coins.


Sprout is found on a high billboard that the Go-Go Yoshi must punch while jumping. He can be found in both the front side and flip side.


Message Block information[edit]

Go-Go Yoshi
Smash and crush with Go-Go Yoshi!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チャレンジ!ヨッシーパンチ!
Charenji! Yosshī Panchi!
Challenge! Yoshi Punch!
Chinese 挑战!耀西碰碰拳 (Simplified)
挑戰!耀西碰碰拳 (Traditional)
Tiǎozhàn!Yàoxī Pèngpèng Quán
Challenge! Yoshi Punch
French Défi: Yoshi chamboule tout Challenge: Yoshi wrecks everything
Italian Sfida: Yoshi Picchiaduro Challenge: Yoshi Beat'em up
Spanish Reto: ¡A puñetazo limpio! Challenge: Punching Everything!