Yoshi Pulls Some Strings

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Yoshi Pulls Some Strings
World Pastel Pathway
Game Yoshi's Crafted World
Music track Yards of Yarn
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Yoshi Pulls Some Strings is the third level of Pastel Pathway in Yoshi's Crafted World. Its name is a play on the phrase "pull the strings", meaning to secretly manipulate a person or situation.


Front side[edit]

The level begins with a small spring leading up to a hanging green string Yoshi can hold on to. It moves to the side, with a trail of Coins Yoshi can collect. After that, Yoshi reaches a wall with a yellow string. Holding on to it makes the wall come down so Yoshi can continue. After a short section with a few Bobbers and an Egg Block is a long red string Yoshi can climb up. This leads to rows of Bobbers Yoshi must bounce on. Yoshi must then climb another string with some Bobbers on the sides to avoid. After pulling down another wall, Yoshi reaches a wingless blue Time Cloud. Hitting it makes Blue Coins appear, which are collected by climbing a red string and bouncing on Bobbers. After that is a large spring, taking Yoshi up to the first Check Point.

Next, Yoshi must grab on to multiple green strings that move to the right when he grabs on. After that, Yoshi must bring down another wall using a yellow string. Inside, Yoshi must climb red strings while avoiding Bobbers swinging on the sides, and then bounce on a row of them. Yoshi can then use a yellow string to bring down a wall in the background, revealing a big spring, taking him to the second Check Point.

After that, Yoshi must use another big spring to get up to a green string to ride like before, this time avoiding Bobbers. Yoshi must then hold on to a yellow string to make a wall blocking the way fall. Inside, Yoshi must use a small spring to get up a large set of breakable blocks, eventually finding another yellow string. Holding on to this string makes a huge wall in the background flip, revealing multiple springs Yoshi can use to get up, taking him to rows of Bobbers he can bounce on. A large spring after that takes Yoshi to one last set of green strings to ride, while dodging Bobbers. Afterward, Yoshi reaches the goal.

Flip side[edit]

A large spring appears at the start, which takes Yoshi to the first green string. Green strings now move in the opposite direction from before so Yoshi can still use them. Bobbers still face toward the camera. The light-blue Poochy Pup peeks from a hole at the wall with springs. Yoshi must eat a Shy Guy to the left to throw an egg at it. Walls previously pulled down by yellow strings no longer appear, except the one after the second Check Point that pulls down a wall in the foreground. The black Poochy Pup hangs on to a wire holding a green string's pulley in the part after the second Egg Block. The pink Poochy Pup is found in place of a Bobber in the part after the second Check Point.


Smiley Flowers[edit]

  • Smiley Flower 1: The right path from the first red string leads to a hanging wingless Winged Cloud that Yoshi must hit.
  • Smiley Flower 2: After the second wall being pulled down, a hanging wingless blue Time Cloud appears. Yoshi must collect all Blue Coins within the time limit.
  • Smiley Flower 3: After the first Check Point, Yoshi must grab on to the upper green string when given two choices.
  • Smiley Flower 4: In the second structure, Yoshi must climb up a long red string avoiding several Bobbers.
  • Smiley Flower 5: In the set of Bobbers before the last green string, Yoshi must bounce high and flutter to the top left to find the flower.
  • Smiley Flower 6: At the last set of green strings, Yoshi must jump high to reach the flower near the top of a string.

Three more Smiley Flowers are awarded for collecting at least 100 coins in the level, completing the level with 20 hearts, and collecting all 20 Red Coins.


Found on the front side:

  • Hot-Air Balloon 1: Behind a tree in the background after the first green string.
  • Hot-Air Balloon 2: Visible from a hole in the background wall near the first large spring.
  • Hot-Air Balloon 3: In the second building, Yoshi must go to the top left to find some Red Coins, along with the Hot-Air Balloon.
  • Hot-Air Balloon 4: Right after the second Check Point, hiding behind a cloud near the building's exit.
  • Hot-Air Balloon 5: Right after the second Egg Block, Yoshi must spring up to find it behind two clouds, close to the bottom of a red string.

Found on the flip side:

  • Squirrella: In the area after the second Check Point, near a different squirrel in front of a jar entitled "Kooky! Kooky! Cookies". She is a pink squirrel who wears a bow on her ear.

Found on the front side:

  • Mushroom Stump: After the goal sign, directly below a semisolid platform occupying two Shy Guys. It is a red mushroom with a plain cap.


Sprout is found peeking from behind a slope at the start of the second area behind a wall pulled down by with yellow string.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ロープをつかめ!きのぼりたんけんたい
Rōpu o Tsukame! Ki-nobori Tankentai
Grab the Rope! Tree-climbing Expedition Team
Chinese 抓住绳子!爬树探险队 (Simplified)
抓住繩子!爬樹探險隊 (Traditional)
Zhuāzhù Shéngzi! Páshù Tànxiǎnduì
Grab the Rope! Tree-climbing Expedition Team
French D'une tyrolienne à l'autre From one zipline to another
Italian Yoshi tira le fila Yoshi pulls the strings
Spanish Líos con las lianas Trouble With the Vines