Big Paper Peak

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Big Paper Peak
Big Paper Peak
Game Yoshi's Crafted World
Level(s) 4
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Big Paper Peak is the fourth world in Yoshi's Crafted World. It is a mountainous area, and consists of the four levels Mine-Cart Cave, Whistlestop Rails, Mousers and Magnets, and The Tin-Can Condor. Completing it unlocks Origami Gardens.


Level Preview Description
Mine-Cart Cave Mine-Cart Cave stage from Yoshi's Crafted World A cave area where Yoshi must roll Mine Carts and use Bon-Boms to destroy obstructing rocks.
Whistlestop Rails Whistlestop Rails stage from Yoshi's Crafted World A level where Yoshi must ride some trains.
Mousers and Magnets Mousers and Magnets stage from Yoshi's Crafted World A level with several Little Mousers and where Yoshi must utilize Magnets to weigh down certain objects.
The Tin-Can Condor The Tin-Can Condor stage from Yoshi's Crafted World A boss fight with the Tin-Can Condor.


Image Name Count Level Blockafeller hint
YMCcraft16.png Curious Rock 1 Whistlestop Rails If you keep a watchful eye, you might see one during your train ride.
YMCcraft17.png Mine Cart with a Flag 1 Mine-Cart Cave One was stopped up in the waterfall cave. There's surely a story there!
YMCcraft18.png Ax 1 Mousers and Magnets There's one in front of the mountain hut—you'll get a better view from the flip side.
YMCcraft19.png Buffalo 5 Whistlestop Rails If you're sightseeing from the train on the flip side, chances are you'll see buffalo!
YMCcraft20.png Tent 1 Mousers and Magnets Betcha you can find one if you go down the mountain from the flip side.
YMCcraft21.png Crystal Cluster 6 Mine-Cart Cave Keep your eyes peeled for these shimmering crystals in the waterfall cave.
YMCcraft22.png Bat Family 1 Mine-Cart Cave Seek this batty little family out on the flip side of the waterfall cave.
YMCcraft23.png Crystal Block 6 Mousers and Magnets Of all the blocks on the mountain, these blue ones stand out from the crowd!
YMCcraft24.png Cactus Cart 1 Whistlestop Rails There's one near the train. Nature always finds a way, it seems!
YMCcraft25.png Caramel Billboard 3 Mine-Cart Cave
Whistlestop Rails
Mousers and Magnets
There's one each in three different courses. Try finding all of 'em!


Image Name Rarity Durability Cost
YCWcostume28.png Tin-Can Condor Super Rare ☆☆☆☆☆ 100
YCWcostume32.png Little Mouser Rare ☆☆☆☆ 100
YCWcostume33.png Crafty Cat Rare ☆☆☆☆ 100
YCWcostume34.png Buffalo Rare ☆☆☆☆ 100
YCWcostume35.png Pink Train Car Normal ☆☆☆ 100
YCWcostume39.png Purple Train Car Normal ☆☆☆ 100
YCWcostume38.png Bon-Bom Box Normal ☆☆☆ 100
YCWcostume37.png Mine Cart Normal ☆☆☆ 100
YCWcostume36.png Silver Pushcart Normal ☆☆☆ 100
YCWcostume40.png Condor Box Normal ☆☆☆ 100

Enemies introduced[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コンドルランド
Kondoru Rando
Condor Land
Chinese 秃鹰园地 (Simplified)
禿鷹園地 (Traditional)
Tūyīng Yuándì
Condor Grounds
Italian Cartapicco Paperpeak
Spanish Región Cóndor Condor Region