Gator Train

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Gator Train
YCW Dragon Train.png
Artwork from Yoshi's Crafted World.
First appearance Yoshi's Crafted World (2019)

The Gator Train is a boss in Yoshi's Crafted World. It is fought at the end of Rumble Jungle in the level Gator Train Attacks!. It starts out as a standard train. Kamek enchants it by Baby Bowser's request, adding a gator head and boxes with Shy Guy emblems, creating the Gator Train.

Yoshi fights the Gator Train on another train, riding next to it. At the start of the fight, Shy Guys toss Spiked Balls and Shy Guys in carts, from the Gator Train's cars. The Gator Train then attempts to catch Yoshi in its jaws; when it opens its mouth, its engine is exposed, allowing Yoshi to throw an egg at it.

After getting hit once, the Gator Train becomes dizzy and loses its cars. It rides by, releasing two Shy Guys, then derails all four cars on Yoshi's train one by one. After it knocks off the last car, Yoshi must get on the next train, and the Gator Train repeats its previous attacks. After the Shy Guys toss Spiked Balls at Yoshi again, a set of ruler walls on propellers come out, and fly past Yoshi. Yoshi must jump around the rulers or they will push him off the train. The Gator Train then chomps at Yoshi again, leaving it vulnerable. Once it is hit again, the Gator Train derails Yoshi's train again, allowing him to get on another one.

In the final phase, Shy Guys toss out larger numbers of Spiked Balls and Shy Guys in carts. After that, the Gator Train shoots out colored pencil skewers that can hurt Yoshi. They first come down from above, then roll across the train. The Gator Train then tries to chomp Yoshi once again. Once it is hit a third time, the Gator Train falls apart and is defeated, with the head ejecting out the pink Dream Gem for Yoshi to collect.

A super rare costume based on the Gator Train's head can be obtained at Rumble Jungle for 200 Coins.

Kamek controls his own version of the Gator Train in the second phase of the stage Kamek Kerfuffle.