Gator Train Attacks!

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Gator Train Attacks!
Yoshi fighting the Gator Train in the Yoshi's Crafted World boss level Gator Train Attacks!
World Rumble Jungle
Game Yoshi's Crafted World
Music track Bigger, Beefier Boss
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Gator Train Attacks! is the boss level of Rumble Jungle in Yoshi's Crafted World. In this level, Yoshi must battle and defeat the Gator Train to recover the magenta Dream Gem. Twenty Smiley Flowers are required to unlock this level.


At the start of the level, Yoshi is shown riding on a train over to Baby Bowser and Kamek, who have a train of their own. It is a purple train Baby Bowser is sitting on. He spots Yoshi's train and, after noticing that it is bigger than his, he asks Kamek for a bigger one. Kamek tries to remind Baby Bowser about the gems, but Baby Bowser ignores him and demands he get a gator train. They continue to argue until Baby Bowser asks Yoshi who he thinks is right - him or Kamek.

If Yoshi agrees with Baby Bowser, he laughs in triumph while Kamek becomes angry and agrees to make the train, warning Yoshi that he will regret it. If Yoshi sides with Kamek, he nods in approval while Baby Bowser becomes angry. Kamek then becomes angry with Yoshi for angering the prince. Kamek then uses his magic to enchant their train, adding to it an alligator head and boxes with Shy Guys, turning it into the Gator Train. The enchanted train drives off, and Yoshi's train follows after it.

At the start of the battle, four hearts parachute toward Yoshi. Shy Guys on board the Gator Train begin attacking by throwing spiked balls at Yoshi. The Gator Train will then attempt to catch Yoshi in its jaws by opening its mouth, revealing the engine, allowing Yoshi to throw an egg at it. After getting hit, the Gator Train becomes dizzy and loses its cars, then starts ramming into Yoshi's train, derailing all of its cars, forcing Yoshi to jump onto a new set of train cars. The Gator Train then gets back its cars and starts attacking again, using the same attacks. After the Shy Guys toss spiked balls at Yoshi again, a set of ruler walls fly off the train ahead of Yoshi. Yoshi must jump over the rulers to avoid getting knocked off the train, then attack again.

After Yoshi gets on the third and final train, the Gator Train unleashes its final attacks, which consist of Shy Guys throwing out large numbers of spiked balls and shooting out colored pencil skewers which fall down or roll across Yoshi's train, before attempting to chomp Yoshi again. If Yoshi hits him a third and final time, the Gator Train falls apart, and Yoshi's train comes to a complete stop. Yoshi hops off the train and sees the head of the Gator Train spitting out the magenta Dream Gem, which he collects.


After completing the game's main story, level-specific challenges are unlocked. Clearing each challenge awards one Smiley Flower.

  • Clear by 1.35.00.
  • Clear without taking any damage.
  • Break two or more alarms.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 対決!ワニワニきかん車
Taiketsu! Waniwani Kikan-sha
Showdown! Gator Train

Chinese (simplified) 对决!咬咬火车
Duìjué! Yǎoyǎo Huǒchē
Showdown! Gator Train

Chinese (traditional) 對決!咬咬火車
Duìjué! Yǎoyǎo Huǒchē
Showdown! Gator Train

Italian Scontro con Locomodrillo
Clash with Gator Train
Spanish ¡Duelo con el Tren Caimán!
Duel Against the Gator Train!