Jumping to Victory

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Jumping to Victory
Jumping to Victory, the second level of Acorn Forest in Yoshi's Crafted World.
World Acorn Forest
Game Yoshi's Crafted World
Music track Main Theme
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Jumping to Victory is the second level of Acorn Forest and the twenty-fourth level overall of Yoshi's Crafted World.


Front side[edit]

Near the start of the level are two Nipper Plants, a red Party Ball, and an Ukiki. Yoshi can toss an egg at the party ball to break it open, giving him three more eggs. There is another red party ball shortly after containing a 10 Coin. There is then an Egg Plant between a few blue party balls. None of these party balls contain anything, but Yoshi can still pop them open and use them as platforms. However, below the third blue party ball is a hidden Winged Cloud Yoshi can hit to make a line of coins fall down, with four Red Coins falling down shortly after. After this is a Nipper Plant, a Piranha Plant, two regular blocks, and a Roulette Block Yoshi can hit to get one to five hearts.

Next up is a set of five blue party balls in a row, with the fifth up and down. Below this is water Yoshi cannot fall into. There are also Nipper Spores above which hatch into Nipper Plants once they hit a party ball. Yoshi can use the moving party ball to get up to some coins as well as a Smiley Flower. Down and to the right, Yoshi finds two Piranha Plants, with another Roulette Block nearby allowing Yoshi to get one coin, one heart, a 10 Coin, or five hearts. There are then Ukikis hanging onto vines as they toss missiles or eggs down. Below the second Ukiki is a hidden Winged Cloud Yoshi can hit to get a few coins as well as two red coins. To the right is a Nipper Plant, with two blocks Yoshi can break to enter a small, hidden area with a few coins, including two red coins. Additionally, if Yoshi climbs up the vines and heads to the left, he will discover a Piranha Plant, some coins, and the second Smiley Flower. To the right of this is the first Check Point.

After the first checkpoint, there are three coins, two Nipper Spores, and a red party ball which drops down suddenly. Yoshi can pop open this party ball to get a 10 Coin. Just to the right are Bungee Piranhas, purple, spiked Piranha Plants which act as party balls but aim to harm Yoshi. Above them, there is another red party ball Yoshi can pop open to get five red coins. Yoshi can also use the party balls to get up two two Roulette Blocks, allowing him to get up to forty coins. Below this are a few Nipper Spores and a Time Cloud. If Yoshi hits it, it flips the screen to reveal two Monty Moles and a Big Monty Mole in the distance. If Yoshi defeats all of them before time runs out, a Smiley Flower appears.

To the right of the Time Cloud is a red party ball and a set of three Bungee Piranhas, with a Nipper Plant below them. Yoshi can pop open the party ball to get six eggs. To the right of this are more Bungee Piranhas, two red party balls, and a Nipper Spore. There is also a Smiley Flower nearby. The left party ball contains three eggs, while the right party ball noticeably shakes a bit and contains an Ukiki. After getting past a few Bungee Piranhas, Yoshi reaches an area with a Nipper Spore and a Roulette Block in the corner allowing him to get a coin, three eggs, or five hearts. There is a red party ball and a blue party ball, acting as a scale. Yoshi can pop open the red party ball to get three eggs. There is also another Time Cloud between the two party balls. Hitting this cloud makes Blue Coins appear between the party balls. Collecting all of them in the given time earns Yoshi another Smiley Flower.

Just right of this are a good set of blue party balls, with Piranha Plants on some of them. Additionally, there are more Ukikis hanging onto vines overhead, dropping missiles and occasionally eggs. Yoshi can climb these vines to the left to discover a moving blue party ball at the top. This takes Yoshi up to a row of coins and a Smiley Flower. There is also a present box in the background which can be seen through a hole. Yoshi can toss an egg at the present box to open it, picking up several coins as well as one red coin. At the end of this section is the second Check Point.

After the second checkpoint is an Egg Plant. The final section is completely above water, with blocks either Yoshi or the Bungee Piranhas can break. Yoshi can pick up two red coins between the first two Bungee Piranhas, then open the next red party ball to reveal five hearts. After two Piranha Plants, there is another red party ball. However, if Yoshi hits it, rather than popping open, the string splits, causing the party ball to fall into the water. A few seconds later, the party ball rises to the surface and pops open to reveal a Smiley Flower. As Yoshi runs under several Bungee Piranhas to the goal, he can pick up the last three red coins and the last Smiley Flower.

Flip side[edit]

  • Yoshi must pop open the first party ball to rescue the cyan Poochy Pup.
  • The black Poochy Pup is near the top of the section just after the first Check Point, with the vines and the blue party balls, holding onto a vine.
  • Shortly after the second Check Point, the pink Poochy Pup can be spotted paddling around in the water.


Smiley Flowers[edit]

  • Smiley Flower 1: In one of the first sections, there is a set of five blue party balls hanging above the water. The fifth party ball moves up and down, allowing Yoshi to get up to the first Smiley Flower.
  • Smiley Flower 2: Found in the section just before the first Check Point. Yoshi must climb up and follow the vines to the left to find a Piranha Plant guarding the second Smiley Flower.
  • Smiley Flower 3: In the section after the first Check Point, there is a Time Cloud. Yoshi must hit it to flip the screen, revealing two Monty Moles and one Big Monty Mole hiding in six logs. Yoshi must defeat them all before time runs out to make the third Smiley Flower appear.
  • Smiley Flower 4: At the end of the section with the third flower, the fourth Smiley Flower is simply above a small pit of water. Yoshi can either get it himself, or toss an egg or Ukiki at the flower to collect it.
  • Smiley Flower 5: In the section after that, in the scale room, there is another Time Cloud between the red and blue party balls. Yoshi must hit it and collect all the blue coins that appear to make the fifth flower appear.
  • Smiley Flower 6: At the top of the section just before the second Check Point. Yoshi must climb vines and ride a blue party ball to get to the top.
  • Smiley Flower 7: Yoshi must toss an egg at the second party ball after the second checkpoint. Instead of popping open, the party ball detaches from the string and falls below the water. A few seconds later, it rises up to the surface and then pops open to reveal the Smiley Flower, allowing Yoshi to collect it.
  • Smiley Flower 8: Near the very end of the level, and can be collected while Yoshi is running under the Bungee Piranhas.

Three more Smiley Flowers are awarded for collecting at least 100 coins in the level, completing the level with 20 hearts, and collecting all 20 Red Coins. In the flip side, three are awarded for bringing all three Poochy Pups to the goal, and one more for doing so within four minutes.


Found on the front side:

  • Rabbit Rock: In the first section, in the background next to some rocks, next to a stream.

Found on the front side:

  • Bear Rock: In the small, hidden area just before the first Check Point, where two red coins can also be found.

Found on the flip side:

  • Blue Mushroom 1: Found in the very first section, in the water behind a tall set of blocks a Bungee Piranha must break.
  • Blue Mushroom 2: After the section after the first Check Point, Yoshi must hop down to find the second mushroom carefully hidden near some bricks in the background.
  • Blue Mushroom 3: In a section between two Bungee Piranhas (where two Roulette Blocks can usually be found), low and close in the background.
  • Blue Mushroom 4: Shortly after the second Check Point, spotted in the background, behind the pond and near some plants, with the pink Poochy Pup very close by.
  • Blue Mushroom 5: Just before the goal, in the background below the last party ball.


Just after the fourth Smiley Flower, in the area with the party ball scale, Sprout's box can be seen in the background, in a hole in the cinder block.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese くす玉アスレチック
Kusudama Asurechikku
Kusudama Athletic

Chinese 纸球运动区 (Simplified)
紙球運動區 (Traditional)
Zhǐqiú Yùndòng Qū
Paper Ball Athletic Zone

Italian Saltare per vincere
Jump to win
Spanish Saltos y piñatas
Jumps and Piñatas