Magnet (Yoshi's Crafted World)

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Artwork of two Little Mousers with a magnet.

Magnets are objects in Yoshi's Crafted World. They first appear in Mousers and Magnets, where they are found throughout the level. Most magnets are held by Little Mousers, who toss them back and forth. Others are attached to cans. Yoshi often needs to use magnets to progress through the level. Magnets reappear in the level The Tin-Can Condor. Each time Yoshi attacks the Tin-Can Condor, it flies into the background, and a few Little Mousers appear with one holding a magnet. Yoshi must get the magnet and toss it at the Tin-Can Condor to get a chance to damage it again. Once Yoshi gets the magnet, the Little Mousers retreat. Magnets later appear in the level Exploring the Animal Kingdom. Magnets also reappear in Under Siege, where they are used to hold up magnetic platforms.