Heyho Coin Bag

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Shy Guy and its Coin Bag
A Shy Guy carrying a Heyho Coin Bag

A Heyho Coin Bag is an object that appears in Yoshi's Crafted World. As the name suggests, Shy Guys carry them on their head. The Shy Guys usually run away when spotting Yoshi, but they can still be attacked like a normal Shy Guy. If Yoshi attacks the Shy Guy, its bag will open and drop ten coins, which will be added to the player's total. They mainly appear in the levels Go-Go Yoshi and Bombs Away on Pirate Island, and one also appears in Haunted Maker Mansion and Ride the River. As Yoshi cannot directly interact with the Shy Guys carrying these objects, they cannot be turned into eggs.

Internal names[edit]

Game File Name Meaning

Yoshi's Crafted World Game/Assets/Characters/Heyho/HeyhoCoinBag HeyhoCoinBag Shy Guy Coin Bag