Soggy Guy

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Color Splash Enemy
Soggy Guy
PMCS Soggy Guy.png
Location(s) Cherry Lake, Indigo Underground, Violet Passage
Type Normal
HP 8
Strong None
Weak None
Moves Attack (1), Group Attack (1), Blowback Attack (10)
Enemy Class ENEMY_ZAKO_LV1
Card Probability 2

PMCS Red Shy Guy Card.png


Usual: "These colors don't run. Oh, wait..." ~ "I'll smear ya!" ~ "So soggy..." ~ "Why's everything so blurry?"

Dropped Items
Hammer Scraps 2
Red Paint 24
Yellow Paint 0
Blue Paint 3
Orange Paint 0
Green Paint 0
Purple Paint 0
“These colors don't run. Oh wait...”
Soggy Guy, Paper Mario: Color Splash

Soggy Guys are enemies that appear in Paper Mario: Color Splash. They are created when a Shy Guy falls in water. Their appearance is that of a Red Shy Guy, but the colors are blurry and the Soggy Guy is folded a bit at the top, and they do not move their arms when they walk. When they see Mario, they try to chase after him. They attack like a Shy Guy in battle.

However, not all Soggy Guys are enemies. One gives Mario an extra card slot in Cherry Lake for defeating a stack of Shy Guys who have been harassing him. Another is the second-round opponent in Roshambo Temple #3.

Soggy Guys appear as enemies in the levels Cherry Lake, Indigo Underground and Violet Passage.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese にじみヘイホー
Nijimi Heihō
Blurred Shy Guy
Spanish (NOA) Guy difuminado Blurred Guy
Spanish (NOE) Mojadoguy Wet Guy
French (NOE) Maskass délavé Washy Shy Guy
Dutch Soggy Guy -
German Aquarell Guy Watercolor Guy
Italian Tipo Timido tumido Wet Shy Guy, "tumido" is a mix between "timido" (Shy) and "umido" (wet)
Russian Блёклый скромняга
Bleklyy skromnyaga
Washy Shy Guy