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Fort Cobalt barista
Fort Cobalt
The Toad at the front of his cafe
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)

The Fort Cobalt barista is a character in Paper Mario: Color Splash, an inconspicuous red Toad running the Prisma Café in Fort Cobalt. He sells Hearty Lattes for 70 coins, Prisma Juice for 120 coins, Magma Burgers for 200 coins, and a "Special" for 100,000 coins. Hearty Lattes fully restore Mario's HP, while Prisma Juice fully refills Mario's paint counter. The barista claims the Magma Burger is a popular item. The first time Mario purchases one, he receives a one-time only "Booyah Meal", containing the Fishing Pole. The barista claims the one Mario is sold is the last one in stock.

If Mario orders the "Special", the barista checks to make sure he really wants it. If Mario accepts, the Toad suddenly becomes serious, telling Mario to act natural. He informs him his café is a front, and that he is a spy. He tells Mario he has acquired intel about a special Battle Card effective against the superweapon they are developing. He gives Mario three Tail cards, essential for counterattacking. The barista tells Mario he is constantly collecting information and to check back with him in need of assistance. After this discussion, the barista perks up and sends Mario off. As a bonus, Mario is able to get this information for free, rather than having to pay 100,000 coins.

Toad #4 of the blue Rescue Squad can be found in the middle locker to the right of the café, drinking coffee the barista supplied him with.


  • "Welcome to the Prisma Café at Fort Cobalt! Our most popular dish is the Magma Burger. It's so hot, it'll put Draggadon hair on your chest!"
  • "Welcome to the Prisma Café at Fort Cobalt! What can I get started for you?"
  • "Would you like something else?"
  • "The Magma Burger is our most popular dish. Only 200 coins!"
  • "Oh, sorry! We're fresh out of those! It's our best seller! Hopefully they'll be back in stock next time you visit. Come again!"
  • "For a limited time we're offering the Booyah Meal! It's the Magma Burger and a bonus item!"
  • "Oh, that was the last Booyah Meal we had in stock. Lucky you!"
  • "You, uh, sure you want the Special?"
  • "OK. Just act natural, and listen up. This café is a front. I'm a highly trained superspy who just happens to make the best darn latte this side of Redpepper Volcano."
  • "I've got some intel about a card that might be effective against the new superweapon they're developing."
  • "Take these with you. They might come in handy. *wink*"
  • "I'm collecting new intel all the time, so check back with me if you're having trouble."
  • "I've got some intel about the new weapon they're developing."
  • "When it dives underwater, try using something that can pull it back up. Something real floaty-like, ya dig?"
  • "I've got some more intel about that new weapon they're developing."
  • "The Tail card is effective against the weapon these guys are developing. That's all I got for you...for now. Scram before they get suspicious! And then come see me later..."
  • "I heard you destroyed the enemy's new superweapon. Nice work, comrade."
  • "Thanks for stopping by. Please come again."