Traveling Sisters 3

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The Traveling Sisters 3

The Traveling Sisters 3 are three Toad sisters. In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, the player will encounter them during every chapter, like Dupree. They are all triplets, and they seem to enjoy travel (as they continually move throughout the game's chapters, except chapter 2, where they can't be found, and chapter 8). However, according to Goombella, they seem to do little adventuring during their travels. They are transformed into pigs in Twilight Town, and Goombella will even say they look familiar in her tattle. They speak in the same manner, with hearts at the end of their sentences. Upon defeating Doopliss, they are transformed back into Toads.

Near the end of the game, after beating Chapter 7, they will be on Keelhaul Key enjoying the cold water. They will still be there after the game is beaten.

Tattle information[edit]

  • These are the Traveling Sisters 3. They seem to go everywhere together. They seem so ditzy, though. Do they even notice each new place they wind up in?
  • These are the Traveling Sisters 3. They seem to go everywhere together. Sounds nice. Y'know, traveling. I wish I had time to travel with friends from school...
  • These are the Traveling Sisters 3. It looks like they're having fun. They seem to just flit off to each new place without really exploring anywhere.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 旅行スキ三人娘
Ryokō Daisuki San'nin-musume
Travel-loving trio (三人娘 is gender-specific and refers to three girls)
Spanish T. Pepi (red one), T. Luci (pink one), T. Bom (green one) Pepi T., Luci T., Bom T.
French Les Tloadettes Pun on the Claudettes, Claude François's dancers


  • The Traveling Sisters 3 may have been inspired by three Toad sisters who work at Peach's Castle from Paper Mario, as both of them are female Toad trios who travel to various locations throughout the course of the games they appear in. However, the three Toad sisters seem to move far less in their travels than the Traveling Sisters 3.
  • Unlike the villagers of Twilight Town, the sisters don't seem to remember turning into pigs due to Doopliss's bell after Doopliss is defeated.