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A Toad from Paper Mario: Color Splash.
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)
Not to be confused with Boo.
“Thanks for saving me, Mario! I got jumped by a bunch of Shy Guys out of nowhere, and I just broke down and started crying... One of these days, I'll toughen up and become a Toad who stands up for himself!”
Bloo, Paper Mario: Color Splash

Bloo is a character in Paper Mario: Color Splash, and is one of Piper's five friends, the fourth one to be found chronologically. Due to his color, he tends to be described as a coward and crybaby, which unfortunately matches his personality. According to his story, he and Piper where picked on by a gang of thugs. Although Piper ignored them, he completely broke down, leading to Piper devouring one of them. Later on, he, along with Greenie, Purp, and Redd, travel to Marmalade Valley to recover the Rainbow Carnation. Once they have healed Piper's tree and reunited with Piper himself, the six friends head to the Crimson Tower, where they are seen for the remainder of the game.


Paper Mario: Color Splash[edit]

Mario may locate a colorless Toad in the southeast corner of the garden in front of the Dark Bloo Inn. This Toad turns out to be Bloo. He thanks Mario for rescuing him, stating he was jumped by a gang of Shy Guys and started crying. He proclaims he will one day toughen up and start sticking up for himself before leaving to find the others.

After this, Mario may return to the meeting area in the yellow district of Port Prisma at the moment Bloo joins the three previously rescued Toads - Purp, Redd, and Greenie. They are surprised to see him and are glad they are truly getting the group back together. At this point, the tree is bushy and in good shape. However, Bloo is irritated Piper sent out a letter without actually showing up. He decides to keep calm in case Piper does show, recalling his calm nature but aggressive anger.

Furthermore, he remembers a time when he and Piper were picked on by a group of thugs. Although Piper took it quite well, once they had moved onto him, he completely broke down, admitting he was a crybaby. Suddenly, Piper ate up one of the gang members, resulting in them having to stay hidden for a while. However, they were never bothered again. After he is done with his story, he waits with the others for Yella to arrive.

If Mario returns to the meeting area after Yella has been found, a Toad looking after the tree explains the others set off to find the Rainbow Carnation in Marmalade Valley as medicine for the dry and withered tree. If Mario heads to Marmalade Valley following this, Bloo along with the others can be seen scaling the mountain to retrieve the flower, after which they jump off and head back to their meeting area.

Here, not only is the tree better than ever, Yella shows up, making him the last member to be found. However, he informs them Piper has dried up and disappeared, much to everyone's shock. Just then, a nut falls out of the tree and cracks open to reveal a Ptooie Mario is prepared to battle. However, before he can do so, the Toads form a line in front of Piper. Bloo explains that the Ptooie is actually Piper, much to everyone's joy. He follows the others out of the area, becomes nervous when Piper trips, and relieved when he gets back up. This performance is cheered on by a group of Toads below.

From here on, Bloo, Piper and the others can be found in front of the Crimson Tower. Piper is shown blowing them into the air one at a time, to everyone's pleasure.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アオやん
Compound of「青」(ao, blue) with「~やん」(-yan, a suffix for familiar people)
Italian Celestino A common name that derives from "celeste" (pale blue)
Portuguese Celestino Same as Italian
Spanish (NOA) Íñigo A common male given name that derives from "indigo"
Spanish (NOE) Garzón From "garzo" (lit. "blue-eyed") with augmentative suffix "-ón"