Chosen Toads

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Chosen Toads
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Species Toads
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)

The Chosen Toads are a trio of Toads imbued with god-like powers in Paper Mario: Color Splash. The red Toad calls himself Justice Toad, the blue Toad is unnamed, and the yellow Toad is known as the Mountain Sage.

Their purpose is to give Mario and Huey access to the Crimson Tower, however they are not immediately found at the gate of the tower. Instead, they are located in different areas that correspond to their color, and certain prerequisites must be fulfilled before Mario is given their help. Justice Toad is located in Cherry Lake, the unnamed blue Toad in Bloo Bay Beach, and the Mountain Sage in Daffodil Peak. The Chosen Toads have key-shaped heads which fit into the gate of Crimson Tower, and they possess telekinetic powers as well as the ability to fly.

Finding the Chosen Toads[edit]

Justice Toad[edit]

PMCS Red Chosen Toad Idle Animated.gif
The Justice Toad

Justice Toad is first seen hanging onto one of Bowser's airships at Port Prisma, moments before Mario and Huey grab the Mini Red Paint Star. When he is seen again, Justice Toad's grip finally gives out as soon as Mario and Huey arrive at the entrance of Cherry Lake. Justice Toad is later seen in the level hanging onto a tree whilst a Fan blows continual gusts of wind, making it difficult to get to the Toad unless Mario squeezes the Fan into a card. After this is finished, Mario then knocks the Toad out of the tree and soon after, Justice Toad quickly hides behind a bush next to a tree as he has only his undergarments on at the moment, as his clothes and Journal were blown away by the airship he was clinging onto prior the meeting.

Justice Toad then explains his reason for clinging onto the airship: he wanted to teach those who were stealing paint from areas a lesson. After introducing himself to Mario and Huey, he then requests that Mario find his belongings which are the following:

PMCS Item Toads Shoes.png
Toad's Shoes - In the second part of Cherry Lake, Justice Toad's shoes can be found within a bush shortly after obtaining a second Card slot from a Soggy Guy that Mario saved from a Shy Guy 4-Stack.
PMCS Item Toads Pants.png
Toad's Pants - In the third part of Cherry Lake, Justice Toad's pants can be found by going under the dock with a water-wheel, going through the opening in the wheel, and knocking the pants down from the tree.
PMCS Item Heros Journal.png
Hero's Journal - North of Justice Toad's hiding place, and left of the entrance of the screen, there is a Pry Guy who is snooping through the contents of Justice Toad's journal. All Mario has to do to obtain it is defeat the Pry Guy.
PMCS Item Toads Vest.png
Toad's Vest - East from Justice Toad's hiding place, southeast and further along south is an area with a water-wheel which is not operational as a Blue Slurp Guy is draining the stream of its' color without stop. After Mario manages to navigate the docks and get to the Blue Slurp Guy and defeat him, the stream will flow and from there, Mario is able to reach the Toad's Vest by jumping down from the water-wheel's cliff and hopping across a piece of flotsam. In this same area is a Blue Mini Paint Star, however Mario and Huey will not be able to reach it without Justice Toad's help.

After returning all of Justice Toad's belongings to him, he will then go to the area where his vest once was and assist them in reaching the Blue Mini Paint Star. At first glance, it appears that Justice Toad is full of hot air in saying he could make the star easier to reach, but out comes the key shaped apparatus attached to his head and Justice Toad uses telekinesis to move the Blue Mini Paint Star, and it turns out that he was also unaware of his own powers. After this, Justice Toad then takes off for Crimson Tower's gate.

Unnamed Chosen Toad[edit]

PMCS Blue Chosen Toad Idle Animated.gif
The Unnamed Chosen Toad

The next Chosen Toad is located at Bloo Bay Beach, first seen getting ready to set sail for parts unknown in order to find his true calling, vowing to sail to the ends of the planet to do so. However, when Mario and Huey manage to get the Yellow Mini Paint Star and returning to the Beach, the blue Toad is found shipwrecked, far away from the beach and embarrassed about his failure, hanging onto some flotsam from his ship. Mario then uses his cutout ability and the Fan to produce to a giant wave. At first, it seems to swallow the blue Toad whole, but when the wave rises the Toad is surfing it with the greatest of ease and it is here that he awakens as a Chosen Toad.

As the Toad is talking about his legend as the greatest surfer, Mario, Huey, and the other Toads notice the incoming tidal wave which the Toad manages to stop with his superpowers. After Huey mentions the Crimson Tower's gate, the blue Toad finally realizes his true destiny as one of the Chosen Toads and heads off to the Crimson Tower's gate.

This Toad always has a angry look in his face, and is never seen happy.

Mountain Sage[edit]

PMCS Yellow Chosen Toad Idle Animated.gif
The Mountain Sage

The last Chosen Toad, known as the Mountain Sage, is found at Daffodil Peak, but not quite at the top of the mountain as Mario and Huey were led to believe. Instead, the Toad in question is the amnesiac gatekeeper of the mountain, whom remembered nothing of his past before taking the job given to him by the park ranger. However, this fact is not made known until Mario first climbs Daffodil Peak and obtains the Yellow Mini Paint Star, after the park ranger and the gatekeeper insist on there being a Mountain Sage and Mario manages to color in the missing color on the gatekeeper's cap, restoring his memory.

After Mario fills in the color, he recalls everything of his past and his identity. He then demonstrates his power as proof: putting a dent in a mountain and it falls down. The Mountain Sage then departs for the Crimson Tower's gate.

At the gate[edit]

Even after assembling the trio together, it turns out the job is not quite done yet. In order to open the gate, Mario needs to hammer them into their keyholes. After Mario does this, the gate opens and it appears that they are gone. However, this is not so; they are still alive and are able to communicate through the small holes on the gate. They then encourage Mario to go after the Red Big Paint Star. They're seen again at the Port Prisma festival after Mario defeats Morton Koopa Jr. and reacquires the red Big Paint Star, and once more after the defeat of Black Bowser at the Port Prisma celebration.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish (NOE) Tríada Toad Toad Triad
French Toad élus Chosen Toads


  • When the player looks at the Chosen Toad's keys on their heads in the order of blue, yellow, and red, the keys spell out "KEY."