Chosen Toads

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Chosen Toads
Blue Chosen Toad sprite from Paper Mario: Color Splash.Yellow Chosen Toad sprite from Paper Mario: Color Splash.Red Chosen Toad sprite from Paper Mario: Color Splash.
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)

The Chosen Toads are a trio of Toads imbued with god-like powers in Paper Mario: Color Splash. The red Toad calls himself Justice Toad, the blue Toad is known as Surfing Kinopio in the game files, and the yellow Toad is known as the Mountain Sage.

Their purpose is to give Mario and Huey access to the Crimson Tower; however, they are not immediately found at the gate of the tower. Instead, they are located in different areas that correspond to their color, and certain prerequisites must be fulfilled before Mario is given their help. Justice Toad is located in Cherry Lake, Surfing Kinopio is in Bloo Bay Beach, and the Mountain Sage in Daffodil Peak. The Chosen Toads have key-shaped heads which fit into the gate of the Crimson Tower, and they possess telekinetic powers as well as the ability to fly.

After assembling the trio together, Mario needs to hammer them into their keyholes to open the gate. After doing so, the gate opens and they seemingly disappear. However, they are then shown to be alive and are able to communicate through the small holes on the gate. They then encourage Mario to go after the Red Big Paint Star. They are seen again at the Port Prisma festival after Mario defeats Morton Koopa Jr. and reacquires the red Big Paint Star, and once more after the defeat of Black Bowser at the Port Prisma celebration.

Mario can return to the gate of the Crimson Tower at any point, and the Chosen Toads have new dialogue after each Big Paint Star is collected.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 選ばれしキノピオ
Erabareshi Kinopio
Chosen Toad

French Toad élus
Chosen Toads
Italian Toad prescelti
Chosen Toads
Portuguese Toads-Poderosos
Powerful-Toads, a play on todos-poderosos (all-powerful)
Spanish (NOA) Toads Elegidos
Chosen Toads
Spanish (NOE) Tríada Toad
Toad Triad


  • When the player looks at the Chosen Toad's keys on their heads in the order of blue, yellow, and red, the keys spell out the word "KEY."