Toad General

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Toad General
Toad General.jpg
Species Toad
First appearance The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023)
Portrayed by Eric Bauza
“Good luck, princess. For all our sakes.”
Toad General, The Super Mario Bros. Movie

The Toad General is a minor character in The Super Mario Bros. Movie. He is a blue Toad sporting glasses and a bowtie and speaking in a deep voice. He takes command of the meeting in Peach's Castle, explaining and demonstrating with an interactive 3D map to Princess Peach that Bowser and his army have taken over the Snow Kingdom. The Toad General is voiced by Eric Bauza.

The Toad General's appearance and role bear a strong resemblance to other Toads, such as Hint Toad, Toadbert, and Russ T. All four characters are blue Toads wearing glasses and are portrayed as being highly intelligent. Additionally, his outfit resembles Toadsworth's (who appears in early concept art for the film)[1] but with different colors.

In providing a voice suitable for the Toad General, Bauza said the filmmakers wanted "a very serious guy with a very serious message to deliver. They said they didn't want a cartoony voice. We want something like Michael Ironside. Something terrifying!"[2]

Voice samples[edit]

Audio.svg The Super Mario Bros. Movie - "Good luck, princess. For all our sakes."
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 将軍キノピオ
Shōgun Kinopio
Toad General

French Le général Toad
Toad General
Italian Membro del consiglio dei Toad
Toad council member