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This is a list of media files for The Super Mario Bros. Movie.


Audio.svg King of the Koopas - Plays when Bowser invades the Snow Kingdom. Includes an arrangement of the "Airship Theme" from Super Mario Bros. 3.
File infoMedia:TSMBM King of the Koopas.oga
Audio.svg The Darklands (Luigi's Mansion Main Theme) - The Luigi's Mansion "Main Theme" section of "The Darklands" heard when Luigi is wandering around the titular area.
File infoMedia:TSMBM The Darklands LM Main Theme.oga
Audio.svg The Adventure Begins (Inside the Castle Walls) - The "Inside the Castle Walls" section of "The Adventure Begins" heard when Princess Peach and Mario leave for the Jungle Kingdom.
File infoMedia:TSMBM The Adventure Begins.oga
Audio.svg Buckle Up (SNES Rainbow Road) - The "SNES Rainbow Road" section of "Buckle Up" heard at the beginning of the Rainbow Road scene.
File infoMedia:TSMBM Buckle Up Rainbow Road.oga
Audio.svg Superstars - Plays when Mario and Luigi use the Super Star during the final fight with Bowser. Includes an arrangement of "Super Star" and "Ending" from Super Mario Bros.
File infoMedia:TSMBM Superstars.oga
Audio.svg Level Complete (Gusty Garden Galaxy) - The "Gusty Garden Galaxy" section of "Level Complete" heard at the beginning of the credits.
File infoMedia:TSMBM Level Complete.oga
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Audio.svg "Behold, the King of the Koopas!" - Kamek (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) introducing Bowser when they invade the Snow Kingdom.
File infoMedia:BeholdKamek.mp3.oga
Audio.svg "Well, well, well! If it isn't Brooklyn's favorite failures, the Stupid Mario Brothers! [...] Tell me... Have you even gotten one call since you left me to start your dumb company?" - Foreman Spike (voiced by Sebastian Maniscalco) meeting Mario and Luigi in Punch-Out Pizzeria.
File infoMedia:TSMBM - Foreman Spike.oga
Audio.svg "Good luck Princess, for all our sakes." - Toad General (voiced by Eric Bauza) wishing Princess Peach good luck as she leaves to go meet with Cranky Kong.
File infoMedia:Toad Genral.oga
Audio.svg "It is on like Donkey Kong!" - Donkey Kong (voiced by Seth Rogen) taunting Mario at the beginning of their fight.
File infoMedia:TSMBM - Donkey Kong.oga
Audio.svg "You... can't escape ME!" (Mario: "What?!") BLUE SHELL...!!!" - Koopa General (voiced by Scott Menville) talking to Mario (voiced by Chris Pratt) during the Rainbow Road scene.
File infoMedia:Koopa General.oga
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Audio.svg Jump Man - The audio heard on the Jump Man arcade game played by Giuseppe in Punch-Out Pizzeria from
File infoMedia:TSMBM DK Arcade.oga
Audio.svg Nintendo GameCube Ringtone - The Nintendo GameCube startup jingle that is used as Luigi cell phone ringtone from
File infoMedia:TSMBM GCN Jingle.oga
Audio.svg Kid Icarus - The audio heard in Kid Icarus played by Mario from
File infoMedia:TSMBM Kid Icarus.oga
Audio.svg Level Complete ( version) - The version of "Level Complete" heard on
File infoMedia:TSMBM Ground Theme Website.oga
Audio.svg 929-55-MARIO Phone Call - The response given by Luigi (voiced by Charlie Day) after calling "929-55-MARIO."
File infoMedia:TSMBM Phone Call.oga
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