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Giuseppe from The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
Species Human
First appearance The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023)
Portrayed by Charles Martinet
“Too much? It's-a perfect! Wahoo!”
Giuseppe, The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Giuseppe is a minor character in The Super Mario Bros. Movie. He is a middle-aged citizen of Brooklyn who is an acquaintance of Mario and Luigi, and he plays an arcade game called Jump Man (which is heavily based on the arcade game Donkey Kong and named after Mario's former name) at Punch-Out Pizzeria. He physically resembles the original design of Mario from the arcade game Donkey Kong, including the matching red flat cap and a pair of red slacks with suspenders, along with a short-sleeved blue dress shirt, a black tie, brown leather shoes, and grayish brown hair, eyebrows, and mustache.

In the film, Giuseppe, overhearing the brothers while playing Jump Man, praises Mario and Luigi's Italian accents in their Super Mario Bros. Plumbing commercial, and he performs a jump while shouting "Wahoo!" in a similar manner to Mario in the games. He is later seen in the crowd of townsfolk cheering for the brothers after they defeat Bowser.

Giuseppe speaks with the voice Mario has in the Super Mario franchise of games as portrayed by Charles Martinet, who provides the voice for Giuseppe in the film in English, Bulgarian, Catalan,[1] Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch (including Flemish),[2] Finnish,[3] French (Canadian[4] and European), German,[5] Hindi, Hungarian,[6] Italian,[7] Japanese,[8] Korean,[9] Lithuanian, Taiwanese Mandarin,[10] Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian and European[11]), Romanian, Serbian,[12] Slovak, Slovene, Spanish (European[13] and Latin American), Swedish,[14] Thai,[15] Turkish, Ukrainian,[16] and Vietnamese.[17] He is instead voiced by Jalal Al-Hajrsi in Arabic, Eko Afianto in Indonesian, Tang Shuiyu in Chinese Mandarin, and Sergei Koleshnya in Russian.