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“What makes you think you're worthy of fighting alongside the greatest army in the world!?”
Cranky Kong, The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Characters driving on Rainbow Road in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
A convoy of the Kong army in karts driving on Rainbow Road

The Kong army is the army of the Jungle Kingdom that consists of Kongs, appearing in The Super Mario Bros. Movie. In the story, Mario has to fight Donkey Kong in order for them to join the fight against Bowser and his troops. After Mario wins against Donkey Kong, the army prepares for the fight in the kart workshop and takes a secret passage that leads to Rainbow Road. The members of the Kong army get captured by the troops in Koopa Clown Cars and get put into the prison to be sacrificed for the royal wedding.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Catalan Exèrcit Kong Kong army
French Armée des Kongs Kong army
Romanian Armata Kong The Kong army
Spanish Ejército Kong Kong Army


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