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Ringo from the Donkey Kong Jungle Action Special.
Species Kong
First appearance Donkey Kong Jungle Action Special (1995)

Ringo is a Kong featured in the Donkey Kong Jungle Action Special. Introducing himself as "Donkey Kong's very own cool and groovey cartoonist", Ringo hosts two five-steps lesson, one on drawing Donkey Kong's head and the other being a full-body tutorial.

Throughout the lesson, Ringo receives various requests and annoyed asides from Donkey Kong, who seeks reassurance Ringo will draw him properly and express annoyance at his jokes over Donkey Kong's physique. After he is done with the full-body tutorial, Ringo tells the reader that they can add clothes to their Donkey Kong drawing before inking over the pencils. This does not amuse Donkey Kong, who smashes Ringo's canvas into his face.