Rabbid Cranky

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Rabbid Cranky
Artwork of Rabbid Cranky
Artwork of Rabbid Cranky
Species Rabbid
First appearance Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Donkey Kong Adventure DLC, 2018)
Rabbid Cranky's Splash Screen from Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Splash Screen featuring Rabbid Cranky

Rabbid Cranky is a Rabbid dressed as Cranky Kong. He appears in the Donkey Kong Adventure add-on content for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, where he works with Donkey Kong, Rabbid Peach, and Beep-0 to defend Donkey Kong Island from Rabbid Kong and his army,[1] and to decontaminate the island's bananas.[2]

Rabbid Cranky's primary weapon is the Boombow, which is a short-range crossbow with shotgun-esque properties, dealing less damage when shot from a longer distance; Boomshot weapons share this property as well. Rabbid Cranky's secondary weapon is the Barrel Bolt, a long-range barrel that is thrown as a grenade; Grenaduck weapons share this property as well. Rabbid Cranky has a unique Team Jump, which allows him to fire a freezing shot from his Boombow at enemies below him (because of this, he and Rabbid Luigi are the only heroes who can inflict three Super Effects). Rabbid Cranky's primary technique is Stink Eye, which allows him to fire multiple shots from his Boombow either during an enemy's turn or if the enemy is forced to move. This can be used in tandem with Donkey Kong's Magnet Groove to lure enemies out of hiding. Rabbid Cranky's secondary technique is Long Story, which has him put nearby enemies to sleep for a whole turn.


Rabbid Cranky seems to share many personality traits with Cranky Kong. When Rabbid Peach took his walking stick to use as a selfie stick without permission, he became angry at her, although he did pose with her for her selfies. Rabbid Cranky also dislikes being insulted as he hits Beep-0 with his cane for degrading him, and uses him as a way to move around. Rabbid Cranky does share similar traits with fellow Rabbids such as love for mischief and chaos, but he seems to be somewhat more mature than them due to his "age."[1]


Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle in-game description[edit]

The irascible Rabbid Cranky may not be as fast as he used to be, but he doesn't need to be when he has a Boombow and short-ranged Barrel Bolts as explosive as his temper.



  • Rabbid Cranky is the only Rabbid hero to not have a unique Dash attack or a shield ability; rather, he has the reaction shot that the main Super Mario characters have rather than the shield.
  • Despite Beep-0's statement, neither Rabbid Cranky nor Donkey Kong are actually seen in the basement.


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