Sherbet Desert

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Sherbet Desert
Sherbet Desert
Game Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Level(s) 10
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“If we could move these blocks we could visit this hostile, unforgiving wasteland anytime we wanted.”
Beep-0's quote before World 2

Sherbet Desert is the second world in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and the first world in which enemies start using Super Effects and Techniques. It is a desert and snow area located to the west of Ancient Gardens and to the east of Spooky Trails, consisting of many canyons, snowdrifts, frozen Bloopers, and an icy summit. Hallmarks of this world include gigantic Rabbid underwear entangled into the scenery, as well as the remains of a dilapidated mine. An ancient Rabbid-themed temple is located in Sherbet Desert as well, hosting a site with sarcophaguses, vases, and hieroglyphs, which curiously depict the main story of the game. Another thematic element of this world are groups of strange, Rabbid balls that bounce on cactus-like drums. These can occasionally be spotted in the nearby scenery, and approaching them adds a rattling percussion to the music.


Mario and co. first land in Sherbet Desert while pursuing Bowser Jr. and Spawny. After a brief run-in with Bowser Jr., Mario and co. happen to meet up with Toad, whom they escort to Toadette. Mario and co. then fights Blizzy and Sandy, and Rabbid Mario joins shortly thereafter. Venturing into the summit, they encounter a refridgerator, which Spawny uses the SupaMerge on to form the Icicle Golem. Princess Peach joins immediately thereafter. After defeating Icicle Golem, Beep-0 reports that Bowser Jr. had fled to Spooky Trails, thus revealing their next destination.


In Sherbet Desert, the heroes traverse landscapes that are both snowy and sandy. After defeating the Icicle Golem, the player can re-enter this world from one of five starting points, named in-game after the areas they are found in. Below is an overview of Sherbet Desert from each starting point onward.

Hot N' Cold Commons[edit]

Hot N' Cold Commons in Sherbet Desert
Hot N' Cold Commons

The heroes start out Sherbet Desert in Hot N' Cold Commons, an expansive area with both snow and sand. There are several paths that converge into this area, but two of them are initially blocked by snow blocks, prompting the heroes to take the sandy path in front of their starting positions. Two consecutive battlefields are found on this path, where Sherbet Ziggies are introduced in Chapter 2-1, and the road becomes increasingly more snowy, ending with an icy field where the heroes need to bring a Rabbid Mario pinball onto an icy slant. The slant causes the pinball to roll through and smash the snow blocks from earlier, opening a path back to the starting area and a sandy pass straight ahead. This path weaves around a gulch with giant undergarments on wires, and leads onto a battlefield where Sherbet Smashers first appear.

Lazy River[edit]

Lazy River in Sherbet Desert
Lazy River

The second starting point is located in a desert oasis around the Lazy River. The oasis is preceded by a sandy passageway after the battlefield in the undergarment gulch. At the area's entrance, there is a switch-enabled mechanism consisting of two wooden platforms that can be rotated around a small outcrop in the river, forming a bridge between islands.

When the heroes first arrive at the Lazy River, they must use these platforms to bring a block onto a red pressure plate. Doing so unlocks a nearby opening which leads to a battlefield where Sherbet Supporters are introduced during Chapter 2-3.

Further on, there is a small ice-covered area where a frozen Rabbid Mario must be brought to Toad. The heroes have to slide the ice cube containing Rabbid Mario down an icy maze; pushing the cube once causes it to slide all the way to the closest non-icy surface. At the end of the maze, the cube is passed to Toad, opening up the access to the next area. Another battlefield follows, past which there are two blocks that can be pushed away to open a path back to the start of this area.

Plateau Point[edit]

Plateau Point in Sherbet Desert
Plateau Point

The third starting point is in Plateau Point, a canyon area with mines and timber scaffolds. The area is also characterized by a mild but constant sandstorm. The scaffolds traverse a giant Gobblegut-like fossil that sticks out of a wall and lead onto a plateau where the heroes briefly escape the sandstorm; the area continues with another scaffold that runs under a gigantic statue of a Tutanbwaaahmon and directly crosses over to a battlefield on another plateau. Past this point, the weather becomes stormy again and the heroes enter the Tomb of Tutanbwaaahmon.

Tomb of Tutanbwaaahmon[edit]

Tomb of Tutanbwaaahmon in Sherbet Desert
Tomb of Tutanbwaaahmon

The fourth starting point is located near the Tomb of Tutanbwaaahmon. This area is composed of many stone structures that pertain to the tomb itself, common decorations in this area being Rabbid-motific paintings, jars and sarcophagi reminiscent of ancient Egyptian art. The heroes travel on sandy platforms layered on top of these structures and use pipes to move between them. A battlefield is also established at the tomb and is followed by a Cannon that launches the heroes to the next area, the Sherbet Mountain.

Sherbet Mountain Summit[edit]

Sherbet Mountain Summit in Sherbet Desert
Sherbet Mountain Summit

The fifth starting point is located on the Sherbet Mountain Summit, an entirely frigid part of the Sherbet Desert. The heroes start out in an area with Bloopers frozen within ice crystals, followed shortly by a battlefield. This area is succeeded by a long mountain pass, where the heroes encounter a number of puzzles and Cannons used to fly across chasms. A battlefield is also found midway through the pass. At the end, there is a large battlefield where the Icicle Golem is fought in Chapter 2-BOSS.


Level Preview Description
2-1- Cold Hands, Warm Heart ColdHandsWarmHeart MarioRabbids.png A level that features Sherbet Ziggies and Hoppers.
2-2- Undergarment Gulch UndergarmentGulch MarioRabbids.png A level that features Sherbet Smashers and a Banzai Bill stuck in underwear.
2-3- Guardians of the Oasis GuardiansoftheOasis MarioRabbids.png A level that introduces Supporters and an escort mission.
2-4- Square One SquareOne MarioRabbids.png A level that escorts Toad through Undergarment Gulch.
2-5- The Gatecrashers TheGatecrashers MarioRabbids.png A level where Blizzy and Sandy are fought.
2-6- Shields of Sherbet Desert ShieldsofSherbetDesert MarioRabbids.png A level that introduces Bucklers.
2-7- Temple of Bwahmanweewee TempleofBwahmanweewee MarioRabbids.png A level that features a tornado hazard.
2-8- Call of Sherbet Mountain CallofSherbetMountain MarioRabbids.png A level that is at an entirely icy area.
2-BOSS- It Came From the Freezer ItCameFromtheFeeezer MarioRabbids.png A level where the Icicle Golem is fought.
2-S- The Hidden Gorge TheHiddenGorge MarioRabbids.png A secret level featuring a rematch against Blizzy and Sandy.


# Name Preview Location To Clear Turn Limit Difficulty
1 The Frozen Desert TheFrozenDesert - Sherbet Desert.png The first battleground of Chapter 1. Defeat All 4 Medium
2 Home Sweet Home HomeSweetHome - Sherbet Desert.png The second battleground of Chapter 1. Reach Areas 4 Easy
3 Ten Obnoxious Rabbids TenObnoxiousRabbids - Sherbet Desert.png The first curve of the battleground of Chapter 2. Defeat All 5 Medium
4 Squeeze Them, You Fools! SqueezeThemYouFools - Sherbet Desert.png The upper portion of the battleground of Chapter 2. Reach Area 1 Medium
5 Taking in the Fights TakingIntheFights - Sherbet Desert.png The lower portion of the first battleground of Chapter 3. Escort Toad 5 Medium
6 Chomp and Circumstance ChompandCircumstance - Sherbet Desert.png Just after the second battleground of Chapter 3. Defeat All 1 Easy
7 In the Heart of the Sherbet IntheHeartoftheSherbet - Sherbet Desert.png The battleground of Chapter 5. Defeat 4 Enemies 1 Medium
8 Statue Rendezvous StatueRendezvous - Sherbet Desert.png The first battleground of Chapter 7. Reach Area 3 Hard
9 Chomp Alley ChompAlley - Sherbet Desert.png The beginning of the second battleground of Chapter 7. Escort Toad 10 Hard
10 Mid-Boss Mayhem MidBossMayhem - Sherbet Desert.png The first battleground of Chapter 8. Defeat 6 Enemies 5 Medium

DLC Challenges[edit]

# Name Preview Location To Clear Turn Limit Difficulty
S1 Super Effect Free-for-All SuperEffectFreeForAll - Sherbet Desert.png The end of the first battleground of the secret chapter. Reach Areas 1 Ultra Hard
S2 Phalanx Fracas PhalanxFracas - Sherbet Desert.png The end of the lower portion of the second battleground of the secret chapter. Defeat All 3 Ultra Hard

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シャーベットさばく
Shābetto Sabaku
Sherbet Desert
Italian Deserto Gelato Frozen Desert
Russian Заснеженная пустыня
Zasnezhennaya pustynya
Snow-covered Desert
Spanish Desierto Sorbete Sherbet Desert


  • Certain parts of the music of Sherbet Desert have a nearly-identical melody to that of Jinjo Village in Banjo-Tooie. Given Grant Kirkhope's involvement with the game, this is likely intentional.