Phantom (boss)

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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle enemy
Phantom Portrait
Health Points 500
Area of Movement 14 Cells
Pipe Exit Range None
Chase Range None
Team Jump None
Dash None
Primary Weapon Rocket
40 DMG
Secondary Weapon
Primary Technique Stone Deaf
Petrifies opponents
Secondary Technique
Tertiary Technique
Hogs the Spotlight!
Splash screen featuring Phantom

Phantom, referred to by his song's title as Phantom of the Bwahpera, and also known by the anagram Tom Phan, is the end boss of Spooky Trails in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. He is a levitating, heavyset Rabbid ghost with an Enlightenment-style attire and a Boo-like underside that occasionally turns transparent, revealing a phonograph inside. His name is also a pun on the Phantom of the Opera. He tends to be quite boastful about what he is, calling himself a "national treasure," as proven by his battle quotes. The Phantom also has a tendency to talk in opera sing-song, and speaks with a thick French accent.

He is created when Spawny combines a Rabbid, a Boo Balloon, and a phonograph. His voice is provided by Augustin Chemelle[1]. As per his name and theme, he sings a song to Mario and company before engaging in battle. The song is heard as part of the game's second trailer.[2][3] He is the only Rabbid in game to communicate using normal sentences, instead of various grunts and screams. However, his song starts with several uses of the "Bwaah" sound, but with a deeper voice. He also makes these sounds throughout the battle itself. The Phantom is shown to be extremely vain, as evidenced by his obsession over his spotlights.

In Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, Phantom makes a cameo in Terra Flora, where a picture of him is shown on a sound disc cover for a giant gramaphone. He is also referenced in multiple of Bea's murals, acting as Bea's co-star and her ex-boyfriend.


In battle, the Phantom is initially immune to all attacks. To be able to damage him, Mario and co. must destroy the light fixtures beside him, disabling the spotlights focused on him; the Phantom becomes vulnerable once all active light fixtures are smashed. Each phase of the battle has one more light fixture to smash than the last, as well as giving the boss new Rabbid minions at the end of his first turn; Valkyries, Bucklers, and Peek-a-Boos. His main attack is an operatic shriek that acts like a Rocket weapon; it hits everyone within a radius for 40 HP and can inflict the Push effect. He can also activate a ghostly shield around him; the first hero to move within range becomes petrified, unable to take further action for their turn.

Upon his defeat, the Phantom will throw a melodramatic, sobbing tantrum.


  • "Eyyyy, AHHHHHHHHH! [clears throat] Hmm." - First line of dialogue
  • "BWAAAAAAAAAAAH!" - When using his shriek attack
  • "You wretch!" - After phase 1 or 2 spotlights are destroyed
  • "How dare you! My vision will not be compromised!" - After the spotlights are destroyed
  • "My SPOTLIGHT!" - Upon the destruction of the last spotlight
  • "(Sing-song) Only in the spotlight, am I in peeeeeeaaaaace!" - During battle
  • "(Sing-song) My stage technique allows me to keep my composure under the SPOTLIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!" - During battle
  • "(Sing-song) Bwah-Bwah-Bwah-Bwah-Bwah-Bwah! (x2)" - During battle
  • "(Sing-song) How's my nose looooook? I'm not blending into the backdrop am I?" - During battle
  • "(Sing-song) OoooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooom..." - Humming along with his song
  • "Imbecile! I'm a national treasure!" - During battle
  • "(Sing-song) My precious rose... I've grown over-fooooooooooond... of the SPOTLIIIIIIIIGHT!" - After the spotlights are destroyed
  • "(Sing-song) Cut out noooooooooow... to my stage adrenaline!"- During battle
  • "While the spotlight is on, it's just me and the AUDIENCE!" - Before the spotlights are destroyed
  • "I'm a n-national treasure!" - Upon the destruction of the final spotlight
  • "(Sing-song) Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Can't hurt me now!" - If attacked prior to the destruction of the spotlights
  • "Just great!..." - If attacked after the destruction of all the spotlights
  • "Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!" - If attacked prior to the destruction of the spotlight a second time (and onward)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ファントム
Italian Fantasma Ghost
Russian Фантом


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