Flooded Ruins

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Flooded Ruins
The Flooded Ruins of the Melodic Gardens in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
First appearance Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope (The Last Spark Hunter) (2023)
Greater location Melodic Gardens
Inhabitants Rabbids
Madame Bwahstrella
Professor Backpack

The Flooded Ruins is a location in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, specifically in the The Last Spark Hunter DLC. They are ruins on the Melodic Gardens that have been flooded by Kanya to prevent anyone from accessing her headquarters, which is found here.

The heroes travel to the Flooded Ruins because they have to rescue the Melospheres, as they are imprisoned and put in separate cages. After all of the Melospheres are rescued, they unite at the Sweeping Tree, but a Darkmess Puddle appears and traps the Melospheres. The heroes must clear out the Darkmess Puddle in a battle in order to rescue the Melospheres. After the battle is won, the Melospheres return to the Sweeping Tree, causing the tree to gleam with light, opening up the Swamp Gate for the heroes. Beep-0 then tells the heroes to head back to the gate to find Allegra and her friend.


The map of the Flooded Ruins of the Melodic Gardens in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
The map of the Flooded Ruins

The Flooded Ruins are expansive ruins covered in water, so the heroes must use the boat to traverse them. There are several islands for the heroes to explore, with three of them having the imprisoned Melospheres. The center island has the Sweeping Tree, as well as a shop location for SALESBOT 9.99+TX, and the Spark Mayhem.

Kanya has her HQ on the northeastern island, where the Spark Cryodash is being used as a power source. Several Bob-ombs roam around Kanya's HQ.

Madame Bwahstrella, Professor Backpack and a Blue Toad can be found on different islands. Several Golems and Fieldbreakers also roam around the many islands.

Two Teleport Flags can be found in the Flooded Ruins: one on the island where the Sweeping Tree is, and another on the southwestern island.


Main Quests[edit]

Side Quests[edit]

Spark Quests[edit]


Sparks found here[edit]

Memories found[edit]

  • The Flooded Labyrinth
  • JEANIE on Music
  • Kanya


Murals 2-9 of Allegra's backstory are found throughout the Flooded Ruins:

Mural 2
  • "'She is here to disrupt the melody of our gardens!' we said. 'Watch! She will uproot the Drum Pods and Shake Plants and steal them away to her planet!'""
  • "And so we watched. We watched, and also we listened."
Mural 3
  • "'Show this stranger nothing of the secrets,' we said. 'She will destroy our wildsongs, and the Lost Melody will stay hidden forever!'"
Mural 4
  • "We watch with wonder as the stranger did not pry Lyre Trees and Clap Mouths from the soil, but coaxed strange and new songs from them."
  • "'This music is stiff, as if made from instruments of deadwood,' we said, but soon the stranger made our garden sing and thrum and beat as one."
Mural 5
  • "The stranger, Allegra, had became one with the Melodic Gardens, and the biophony was reborn! 'Perhaps she will lead us to the Lost Melody after all,' we said."
Mural 6
  • ""Allegra came to the pond to conduct her biophony, and so we joined her. The music was loud and traveled far, and the pond trembled as a Wondrous Beast rose from water!"??"
Mural 7
  • ""Hearing Allegra's biophony, the beast awoke from its slumber. With great joy it breathed water on the Melodic Gardens, and the Lost Melody was heard once more!"?"
Mural 8
  • ""'Allegra's set herself free using the melody of our gardens, and in doing so, set us free. She is the MELODIST, and she will guide her biophonies with the Wonderous Beast at her side.'"?"
Mural 9
  • "Some dawn songs ago, when the moon shone not as bright, a dark star fell upon our gardens and the Wonderous Beast disappeard."
  • "Many wondered if our wildsongs would soon disappear with it - and if our Melodic Gardens would become silent forever."

Memory bio[edit]

The The Flooded Labyrinth Memory in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

Kanya flooded the labyrinth with no regard to anything in it, simply to make her command post inaccessible to anyone but her. Thankfully, we found a crude, but serviceable boat left behind by her minions. All in all, I find Spark Hunters much more dangerous on their own - at least when under Cursa's command they behave somewhat predictably.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Rovine allagate (map)
Labirinto allagato (Memory)
Flooded ruins
Flooded labyrinth