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Species Rabbid
First appearance Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope (2022)
Portrayed by David Coburn (English)[1]
Mitsuaki Kanuka (Japanese)
“There's a word where I come from - "Kooloowka", it means "chosen family". You're my Kooloowka now!”
Augie, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

Augie is a giant Rabbid believed to be the deity of Beacon Beach, making him the planet's warden. He is a nod to various characters in Greek mythology: his name is a reference to Augeas, the demigod king for whom Heracles had to clean the stables in one of his labors; his clothing and affinity to the sea make him similar to Poseidon; and his backstory as the disliked son living in his brother's shadow may be a reference to Hephaestus or Iphicles.



Augie is considered by Beacon Town's citizens as a god. This gave Augie the idea to act as one, even erecting a temple for himself full of portraits that depict his myths as the shameful and disastrous twin who was in the end banished from the gods' home to protect Beacon Beach. His self-victimization was intentional to appear more sympathetic.

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope[edit]

When the heroes arrive to Beacon Beach after Cursa covers the planet in Darkmess, Augie fearfully attempts to shoo them away, believing them to be Spark Hunters. When Beep-0 explains to him the situation, Augie tells them what is going on on his planet and appears after every main event to congratulate the heroes for their work. He later gets scared when Edge appears, mistaking her for a Spark Hunter before she corrects him.


Mural information[edit]

The following is a list of quotes from Beep-0 regarding several murals inside Sunrise Temple involving Augie.

Mural 1

"Apparently, Augie believes he is from a family of proud demi-gods. For such divine creatures murals must be like family photos.
Unfortunately, this "regal" depiction of the birth of Augie and his twin, Perfectus, is marred by Augie's chronic dyspepsia."

Mural 2

"By age ten, Augie's brother was the patron deity of effortless victories, epic love poems, and glistening, six-pack abs."

Mural 3

"The only trophy Augie won as a child was for second place in a bratwurst eating contest."

Mural 4

"The ocean is said to have been formed by the tears of Perfectus' hairdressers, who wept with joy while brushing his golden mane."

Mural 5

"In wartime Augie was left behind to watch the livestock. It's how a flock of chickens came to briefly rule his city."

Mural 6

"Augie's first job was to help sailors in distress. This mural is called "Sentinel Of The Seas". Oh, boy."

Mural 7

"His whole life Augie was eclipsed by his older brother.
Which, if we're honest, couldn't have been all that difficult."

Mural 8

"The last straw for Augie's parents was when Augie drove the family sun chariot into the neighbor's swimming pool during Perfectus' wedding feast."

Mural 9

"The villagers here on Beacon Beach REALLY need to do a few background checks before hiring wardens.
Wait... Doesn't that trophy look familiar?"


Image for Augie Memory in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

Research into the warden of Beacon Beach, Augie, reveals a myriad of known traits - insecure, attention-seeking, irresponsible, impulsive, cowardly, childish, gluttonous, entitled, dishonest, poor hygiene. Yet the ones that come up most often are "kind-hearted" and "lovable". How these characteristics can be made compatible is beyond my current comprehension. I will have to investigate further.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オーギー[4]
German Augie -
Italian Augie -
Portuguese Guto -