Pirabbid Plant

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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Enemy
Pirabbid Plant
Pirabbid Plant - RabbidsKingdomBattle.png
Health Points 300
Area of Movement 10 Cells
Pipe Exit Range 2 Cells
Chase Range None
Team Jump None
Dash None
Primary Weapon Rocket (Burn)
50 DMG
Secondary Weapon
Primary Technique
Secondary Technique
Tertiary Technique
Noxious Fire Weed!

The Pirabbid Plant is the midboss of Ancient Gardens in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. As its name suggests, it is a hybrid of a Rabbid and a Piranha Plant; however, it resembles Petey Piranha more than it does the regular Piranha Plant.

The Pirabbid Plant came into existence when Luigi and Spawny startled a sleeping Piranha Plant, which happened to have a Rabbid sleeping on top of it as well. Frightened by the creature, Spawny's powers activated, and he shot a laser beam from his eyes that fused the Rabbid and Piranha Plant together, creating the Pirabbid Plant, which subsequently fought Mario, Rabbid Peach, and Rabbid Luigi.[1]

His main attack involves him shooting a fireball at the targeted character. It can inflict the Burn status if a direct hit is scored.

Some challenges in Ancient Gardens involve combat against more than one Pirabbid Plant.


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