Bone Trottin' Piranha Plant

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Bone Trottin' Piranha Plant
SMBW Trottin' Bone Piranha.pngSMBW Long Trottin' Bone Piranha.png
Normal variant (left) and under a Wonder Effect (right)
First appearance Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2023)
Variant of Bone Piranha Plant
Trottin' Piranha Plant

Bone Trottin' Piranha Plants are a type of Piranha Plant appearing in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, only appearing in the level Fluff-Puff Peaks Palace. They are skeletal like Bone Piranha Plants, but they also have the ability to walk around like Trottin' Piranha Plants. In said level's Wonder Effect, they grow and shrink. Bone Trottin' Piranha Plants can be defeated while under the effects of a Super Star, the bubbles from a character in Bubble form, and from a trunk strike while in Elephant form.