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Screenshot of a Pokipede from Super Mario Bros. Wonder
First appearance Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2023)

Pokipedes are enemies that appear in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. They are Wiggler-like creatures with boxing gloves and spiked helmets that cover all but their last segment. Pokipedes move along rails, punching everything in front of them, destroying snow blocks in their path. They can be defeated by stomping on their single uncovered segment, hitting said segment with three fireballs, or by attacking them with Elephant Mario's trunk.

Pokipedes have a red variant, which moves faster and is able to destroy Hard Blocks as well. Both variants of Pokipedes can have between three and seven segments. They appear prominently in Pokipede Pass, as well as in the Spelunking! Wiggler Race.

As avid shadowboxers, they are good at mitt-hitting, and their English name comes from "poke" and "centipede".[1]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヘビムシ
Snake insect

Chinese (simplified) 蛇虫
Snake insect

Chinese (traditional) 蛇蟲
Snake insect

Dutch Pokipede
French Serpattes
Portmanteau of serpent ("snake") and pattes ("legs"), or possibly mille-pattes ("millipede")
German Tausendschlängler
Pun on Tausendfüßler ("millipede"), tausend ("thousand"), the agentive form of Schlange ("snake"), and schlagen ("to punch"/"defeat"/"whip"/"fight")
Italian Serpipiede
Portmanteau of serpi ("snakes") and piede ("foot"), or centopiedi ("centipede")
Korean 뱀벌레
Serpent insect

Portuguese Socopeia
Portmanteau of soco ("punch") and centopeia ("centipede")
Russian Жукендра
Portmanteau of жук (zhuk, "beetle") and сколопендра (skolopendra, "scolopendra")

Spanish Serpiés
Portmanteau of serpiente ("snake") and ciempiés ("centipede")