Loyal Poplin

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Loyal Poplin
Screenshot of Loyal Poplin
Species Poplin
First appearance Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2023)
Portrayed by Christine Marie Cabanos
You all don't learn, do you? How many times do I have to remind you how dangerous it is down here?”
Loyal Poplin, Super Mario Bros. Wonder

The Loyal Poplin is a character in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. They are a green Poplin carrying a pickaxe who lives near the entrance of Fungi Mines. After reading the note left in their home and obtaining a Wonder Seed, the Loyal Poplin will appear on the world map and request aid from Mario’s group to find their missing friends, who travelled deep within the mines to obtain a Royal Seed for Prince Florian. In exchange for 10 flower coins, the Loyal Poplin will construct a bridge, allowing the player access to the first several courses in Fungi Mines. They also provide the Sensor Badge.

After completing An Uncharted Area: Wubba Ruins, the Loyal Poplin will begin appearing next to the ensuing three courses that lead deeper into the ruins. They will provide the player with a 1-Up Mushroom the first time they are spoken to at each new location, and will encourage using the Sensor Badge if the courses are not completed through the correct exit. The Loyal Poplin also briefly appears at the beginning of A Final Uncharted Area: Poison Ruins, encouraging Mario and friends to proceed with caution.

After obtaining the Royal Seed at the end of Operation Poplin Rescue, the Loyal Poplin will appear to guide their four friends back home. If the player returns to Fungi Mines after receiving the Wonder Seed, the Loyal Poplin will appear in their home, again worrying for their friends' safety. Upon subsequent completions of Operation Poplin Rescue, the Loyal Poplin will appear again, this time scolding their friends for mining in a place so dangerous.

The Loyal Poplin also appears in the ending sequence, celebrating the defeat of Castle Bowser alongside the Master Poplin, the Angler Poplin, and others.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 仲間なかまおもいのポプリン
Nakama Omoi no Popurin
Friend-caring Poplin
Chinese (Simplified) 重视同伴的苞普林
Zhòngshì Tóngbàn de Bāopǔlín
Friend-valuing Poplin
Chinese (Traditional) 重視同伴的苞普林
Zhòngshì Tóngbàn de Bāopǔlín
Friend-valuing Poplin
French Poplin inquiet Worried Poplin
German Freundlicher Poplin Friendly Poplin
Italian Poplin minatore Miner Poplin
Korean 정 많은 포플린
Jeong Manh-eun Popeullin
Compassionate Poplin
Portuguese Poplin leal Loyal Poplin
Russian Верный Поплин
Vernyy Poplin
Loyal Poplin
Spanish Poplin Valiente Brave Poplin