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Not to be confused with Maw-Ray.
First appearance Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2023)

Maw-Maws are salamander- and tadpole-like enemies that first appear in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. They appear prominently in a level with their own name, Maw-Maw Mouthful. They chase and eat anything and everything in their path, including other enemies and power-ups left on the ground. However, they cannot eat players, who will only take damage on contact with their mouths (unless the players are in their Goomba form via a Wonder Effect, in which case the player will be eaten and instantly lose a life). After chasing for a period of time, they become exhausted and stop.[1] If they eat any type of shell, they will spit it back out.[2] Stomping them will stun them; stomping them while they're stunned will defeat them. A Maw-Maw will also get stunned if it attempts to open its mouth while under a low ceiling and consequently hits its head. It can activate or break blocks by doing so.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アングリ[3]
Possibly a pun mixing「あんぐり」(anguri, Japanese ideophonic word for "openmouthed") and the English word "hungry"
Chinese (Traditional) 大嘴怪[4][5]
Dàzuǐ Guài
Big Mouth Monster
Dutch Maw-Maw -
French Salabafre Portmanteau of "salamandre" (salamander) and "bâfrer" (to gobble)
German Sagaaah From "sag aaah" (say ahh)
Italian Squalamandra Portmanteau of "squalo" (shark) and "salamandra" (salamander)
Korean 와앙그리
Portmanteau of "와앙" (waang, Korean ideophone meaning "openmouthed") and English word "hungry"
Portuguese Gulartixa Portmanteau of "gula" (gluttony) and "lagartixa" (lizard)
Russian Жрамандр
Portmanteau of "жрать" (zhrat', to gobble) and "саламандра" (salamandra, salamander)
Spanish Digaah Contraction of "diga aah" (say ahh)


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