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Custom render of Bloomp from Super Mario Bros. WonderCustom render of Bloomp from Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Rendered game models of green and purple Bloomps
First appearance Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2023)

Bloomps are fish-like enemies resembling balloons in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Their name is likely a combination of "balloon" and "blimp". They appear prominently in a level with their own name, Bloomps of the Desert Skies. They simply float through the air in one direction and allow for the player to jump off them as platforms, which causes the enemy to lose air and shrink a little bit every time. If a Bloomp is stomped on enough, or if it is jumped into from below, it will pop. Like Hoppos, they cannot damage the player, and instead push the player or other enemies forward in their direction of travel.

Bloomps come in green, purple, cyan, aqua green, and gray varieties. The green and purple Bloomps both fly through the air, with purple ones being faster. Cyan, aqua green, and gray Bloomps are only found during the Wonder Effect of Bloomps of the Desert Skies. Gray Bloomps are tied to walls, and remain stationary, but always contain items, along with a burst of confetti. As the player is in Balloon form during this Wonder Effect, these gray Bloomps can only be popped using a Super Star. Large-sized Bloomps also appear during the Wonder Effects of Flight of the Bloomps and Sunbaked Desert Special Pole Block Allure. These Bloomps cannot be popped.

Bloomps may also contain coins that can be obtained by simply jumping on it once, causing its coin to shoot out of its body. Devices resembling cannons and Bill Blasters are used to inflate and launch Bloomps.

It is rumored that Bowser mistook and misplaced Bloomps with Bullet Bills.[1]


Additional names[edit]

Internal names[edit]

Game File Name Meaning

Super Mario Bros. Wonder G:/romfs/Model/EnemyKillerBalloon.bfres.zs KillerBalloon Balloon Bullet Bill
Super Mario Bros. Wonder G:/romfs/Pack/Actor/EnemyBalloonKiller.pack.zs BalloonKiller Balloon Bullet Bill

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブースケ
Possibly from "blimp" or partial voicing of「風船ふうせん」(fūsen, "balloon"), and「すけ」(-suke, Japanese male name ending)

Chinese (simplified) 气球鱼
Qìqiú Yú
Balloon Fish

Chinese (traditional) 氣球魚
Qìqiú Yú
Balloon Fish

Dutch Bloomp
French Globallon
Portmanteau of globe ("sphere") and ballon ("balloon")
German Balloink
Blend on "Ball" and possibly the bouncing onomatopoeia "boink"
Italian Pallonello
Portmanteau of palloncino ("balloon") and possibly nasello ("hake")
Korean 풍돌이
Possibly from "풍풍" (pung-pung, an onomatopoeia used to imitate the sound of bursting) or "風船" (pungseon, Hanja form of "balloon") and Korean affectionate honorific "~돌이" (-dol'i)

Portuguese Robalão
Portmanteau of robalo ("common snook" fish) and balão ("balloon")
Russian Сдуля
From сдувать (sduvat, "to deflate") and possibly дуля (dulya, dialectal word for "small pear" and the rude gesture "fig sign")

Spanish Globoink
Portmanteau of globo ("balloon") and the bouncing onomatopoeia "boink"