Shining Falls

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Shining Falls
1-The top of Shining Falls in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
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Shining Falls is the third world in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It is a dark, metallic, golden polygonal landscape comprised of large oblongs and octahedrons. The large octahedral structures float in the sky, and some of them pour golden waterfalls to the landscape below. Its theme is also inspired by Japan in many respects, like the shapes of its clouds being based on egasumi (エ霞), a type of traditional Japanese pattern named for its shape, which is similar to the katakana 「エ」.

This world contains pink Wonder Flowers and Wonder Seeds, and there is a total of 20 Wonder Seeds and one Royal Seed to collect, the least out of the game's standard worlds. It is the only standard world to not feature a KO Arena.


Shining Falls contains thirteen levels and a Poplin Shop. No palace is featured here; instead, the world's Royal Seed is given to the player by Master Poplin after completing the final trial.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オーゴンだき
Ōgon Daki
Golden Waterfalls

Chinese 黃金瀑布
Huángjīn Pùbù
Golden Waterfalls

Dutch Goudgebergte
Gold Mountain Range
French Chutes dorées
Golden falls
German Güldenfälle
Gold falls
Italian Cascate Dorate
Golden Waterfalls
Korean 황금 폭포[1]
Hwanggeum Pokpo
Golden Waterfalls

Portuguese Cataratas Cintilantes
Shining Waterfalls
Russian Золотые каскады
Zolotyye kaskady
Golden cascades

Spanish Cascadas Doradas
Golden Waterfalls