Badge Challenge Floating High Jump II

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Badge Challenge
Floating High Jump II
The Badge Challenge Floating High Jump II level in Super Mario Bros. Wonder
World Deep Magma Bog
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Difficulty ★★★
Primary power-up Super Mushroom
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Badge Challenge! Floating High Jump Jump higher than usual and momentarily float.”
Opening message, Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Badge Challenge Floating High Jump II is a Badge Challenge course in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It is found in Deep Magma Bog, and is unlocked after clearing Deep Magma Bog Observatory #1. This course is designed after the abilities of the Floating High Jump Badge. This course is a more difficult version of Badge Challenge Floating High Jump I. Clearing this course does not unlock any new courses. The difficulty of this course is three stars, and it houses one Wonder Seed.


The players start at an area where a Long ? Block is. The players must jump and climb to higher ground by using the Long Donut Blocks. At this higher ground is the first Checkpoint Flag. Past the first Checkpoint Flag are three more Long Donut Blocks for the players to climb up even higher. There are two Big Piranha Plants here that act as obstacles; the first one can easily be jumped over, but the second one is on top of a Long ? Block that can be struck to defeat it. The second Checkpoint Flag is found after climbing up even higher.

Beyond the second Checkpoint Flag is another Long ? Block, but this one has Super Mushrooms if the players are small, otherwise it will contain three coins. There is also moving platform that follows a straight path to the right, which the players must use to traverse this section of the course. There are solid platforms along the way that have Piranha Plants and Big Piranha Plants, which the players must jump over. After the moving platform section is the Goal Pole.

10-flower coins[edit]

  • 10-flower coin 1: Found right before the second Checkpoint Flag. It is high up along a wall on the left side.
  • 10-flower coin 2: Found after the second Checkpoint Flag. There is a Wow Bud above the first two Piranha Plants that when activated, will cause the second 10-flower coin to appear, as well as three coins before it.
  • 10-flower coin 3: Found above the pit at the end of the moving platform section. To safely obtain the coin, the players must jump just as the platform falls.

Enemies and obstacles[edit]

Talking Flower quotes[edit]

  • "Go for it!" (start of course)
  • "Ready to ride?" (after the second Checkpoint Flag, and before the moving platform section)
  • "Thank you for riding with us." (before the Goal Pole)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ふわっとジャンプLv.レベル2
Fuwatto Janpu Reberu 2
Floating Jump Level 2

Chinese (simplified) 飘飘跳跃Lv. 2
Piāopiāo Tiàoyuè Lv. 2
Floating Jump Level 2

Chinese (traditional) 飄飄跳躍Lv. 2
Piāopiāo Tiàoyuè Lv. 2
Floating Jump Level 2

Dutch Hoge zweefsprong 2
High floating jump 2
French Grand saut flottant 2
Floating high jump 2
German Schwebe-Hochsprung 2
Floating high jump 2