The Midway Trial: Hop to It

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The Midway Trial: Hop to It
Fire Mario in the level The Midway Trial: Hop to It in Super Mario Bros. Wonder
World Shining Falls
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Difficulty ★★
Wonder Effect Transforms the player into a Hoppycat
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The Midway Trial: Hop to It is a course in Shining Falls of Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It is unlocked after clearing POOF! Badge Challenge Crouching High Jump I and its own completion unlocks The Sharp Trial: Launch to Victory, The Sugarstar Trial: Across the Night Sky, and The Final Trial: Zip Track Dash. This course houses two Wonder Seeds and has a difficulty of two stars.


The course starts in a short section with a Wonder Hoppin on top of some Wavy Blocks that hops off-screen after the player jumps. By entering a green Warp Pipe, the player ends up in a vertically-oriented area filled with floating Semisolid Platforms with a Wow Bud at the bottom that releases coins on some of the platforms. Some of these platforms hold a Hoppycat, while some feature Wavy Blocks above them, and one holds a purple Gamboo. Next are more semisolid platforms, purple Gamboos, and Hoppycats, as well as a green Gamboo. A wide semisolid platform holds the course's Checkpoint Flag.

Just above the Checkpoint Flag is a set of Wavy Blocks with Brick Blocks next to them. More semisolid platforms follow, with one having a Wavy Block above it that contains a Fire Flower. Much of these platforms hold a Hoppycat, while one holds a purple Gamboo. Another wide platform takes the player to a green Gamboo and a set of Brick Blocks above it to help the player reach a platform where the Wonder Hoppin ends up if not defeated. There is a green pipe on the right that leads to a section with many Hoppycats standing on short pipes with Brick Blocks and coins above them, followed by two platforms and more Hoppycats below that lead to the Goal Pole.

By defeating the Wonder Hoppin, it will drop the course's Wonder Flower. Touching it will transform the player into a Hoppycat, summon dancing Gamboo stacks, and send out fireworks. The main route is blocked off with Wonder blocks, and the Brick Blocks have been rearranged. Some sets of spinning Chibi Flower Coins follow which lead to two platforms with a set of Brick Blocks in the middle. Next is a set of Wavy Blocks, some Brick Blocks and a green Gamboo, along with some platforms with the short platform holding a Gamboo stack tall enough to obtain a 1UP. Then there are some platforms with green Gamboo stacks followed by a set of Kodeka Mokumokumos, taking the player a wide platform with ground next to it. Two more sets of Kodeka Mokumokumos lead to the Wonder Seed with some Smogrins above it; collecting the Wonder Seed ends the effect, removing the enemies and releasing a set of coins. As the player falls, they end up on the wide platform, with a yellow pipe on the right that brings the player to the section containing the Goal Pole. The effect lasts for 120 seconds.

10-flower coins[edit]

  • 10-flower coin 1: Found above a set of Wavy Blocks at the start of the main area with a Hoppycat in the way.
  • 10-flower coin 2: Found in a sub-are that is accessed via a green pipe right next to the Checkpoint Flag. The sub-area features Spike Traps below unactivated P Blocks. a Hoppycat on a lift, and a P Switch. The player must jump in a way so the Hoppycat triggers the P Switch, allowing the player to safely reach this coin.
  • 10-flower coin 3: Found near the Goal Pole. The player must run and jump quickly to reach it.

Primary power-up[edit]


Talking Flower quotes[edit]

  • "What was THAT?!" (found in the first area)
  • "I just saw the weirdest thing..." (found next to a Hoppycat)
  • "It just keeps jumping!" (found on a platform after the Checkpoint Flag if the player avoids the Wonder Flower)
  • "Oooh!" (found on the top platform reached during the Wonder Effect)
    • "The fireworks were so good!" (after the Wonder Effect ends)
  • "Ahhh!" (found next to the previous Talking Flower)
    • "I hope they happen again!" (after the Wonder Effect ends)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 中間ちゅうかん試練しれん!ジャンプの達人たつじんえ!
Chūkan shiren! Janpu no tatsujin o oe!
Midway trial! Run after the jumping expert!

Chinese (traditional) 中場考驗! 追趕跳躍高手!

Midway Trial! Chase the Jumping Expert!

French Épreuve intermédiaire de poursuite verticale
Intermediate trial of vertical pursuit
German Zwischentest: Mit großen Sprüngen
Intermediate test: With big jumps