Piranha Plants on Parade

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Piranha Plants on Parade
Screenshot of the Wonder Effect of the course Piranha Plants on Parade from Super Mario Bros. Wonder.
World Pipe-Rock Plateau
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Wonder Effect Causes the Piranha Plants to sing
Music sample
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Piranha Plants on Parade is the second course of Pipe-Rock Plateau in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. As the name implies, it exclusively features variants of Piranha Plants, as well as Marimba Blocks. It is unlocked after beating Welcome to the Flower Kingdom!, and its completion unlocks Scram, Skedaddlers!. This course contains three Wonder Seeds, being the first level in the game to include a secret exit, which unlocks a path to a pipe leading to the top of Deep Magma Bog's entrance, where Captain Toad can be found.

This level was not included in the Nintendo Live demo, and was replaced with an empty dot on the world map.


This level takes place in a forested area containing a lot of pipes. Right at the start, a background area is visible, with the first 10-flower coin in sight. After passing the first semisolid, there is a ? Block containing a Fire Flower inside. Near it, Marimba Blocks are introduced, with a Trottin' Piranha Plant running on them. Past that is an enterable red pipe that goes into the background area. If the player chooses to go forward, however, two Trottin' Piranha Plants appear and a jump that leads to the Checkpoint Flag. Close to it is another ? Block with a Fire Flower. Then, it is introduced that the Trottin' Piranha Plants can also walk on the ceiling. Shortly after, the Wonder Flower lies on top of Marimba Blocks, moving around left to right. Touching it will trigger the course's Wonder Effect which starts the course's main song. This causes Piranha Plants to come out of pipes that move with the rhythm of the song and sing along. This Wonder Effect section is an auto-scroller. After the song is done, a Wonder Seed comes out of a giant pipe. The Goal Pole is found shortly after, preceded by more Marimba Blocks, that allow the player to jump higher to get the top of the flagpole.

10-flower coins[edit]

  • 10-flower coin 1: After entering the red Warp Pipe that leads into the background, the 10-flower coin can be found by heading all the way to the left.
  • 10-flower coin 2: At the end of a row of Marimba Blocks before the Checkpoint Flag floating nearby a Talking Flower.
  • 10-flower coin 3: Past the Wonder Flower, the 10-flower coin is seen floating near the ceiling above three pipes of various lengths.


Hidden goal[edit]

The hidden goal is found at the end of the Wonder Effect segment. On the ceiling where the last tilted pipes are, the player is able to get on top of the right one by jumping on the Marimba Blocks and going left, through a red pipe. The player then warps to the foreground, where they can run past the goal pole, into the secret segment. This grants the player the third Wonder Seed, and unlocks a path to a pipe, which takes the player to a small area in Petal Isles where Captain Toad is.

Talking Flower quotes[edit]

  • "Wonder if you can get over there..." (near the red pipe that warps to the background, before entering said pipe)
    • "So you CAN get over there!" (after entering the pipe)
  • "Walking plants, huh?" (before the Checkpoint Flag)
    • "Almost as weird as talking plants."
  • "Ooh, that's a pretty flower." (near the Wonder Flower)
    • "Ummmm..." (after the Wonder Effect is activated)
    • "Are they...singing?" (said in a confused tone)
    • "They're singing." (said in a more panicked tone)
  • "Ouch!" (beside a set of Long ? Blocks after the player bounces onto it)
    • "Hey!" (after hitting it a second time)
    • "Agh!" (after hitting it a third time)
    • "Stop!" (after hitting it a fourth time)
    • "I said stop!" (after hitting it a fifth time)
    • "Wait a sec!" (after taking the Hidden goal route)
    • "How'd you get over there?" (after taking the Hidden goal route)
  • "What's the matter?"
    • "You tired or something?" (if idle for some time)
  • "You should come back sometime." (near the long row of Marimba Blocks leading to the Flag Pole)
    • "You don't see that every day." (after the Wonder Effect segment)
    • "Heeeey!" (after taking the Hidden goal route)
    • "What are you doing?" (said in a curious tone after taking the Hidden goal route)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese うたっておどって パックンマーチ
Utatte Odotte Pakkunmāchi
Sing and Dance Piranha March
Chinese (Simplified) 载歌载舞 吞食花进行曲
zài gē zài wǔ tūn shí huā jìn xíng qǔ
Singing and Dancing, The Piranha Plant March
Chinese (Traditional) 載歌載舞 吞食花進行曲
zài gē zài wǔ tūn shí huā jìn xíng qǔ
Singing and Dancing, The Piranha Plant March
Dutch Piranha Plant-parade -
French Parade Piranha Piranha Parade
German Piranha-Pflanzen-Parade Piranha Plant Parade
Italian Il musical delle Piante Piranha The Piranha Plants' musical
Korean 춤추고 노래하는 뻐끔 대행진
Chumchugo Noraehaneun Ppeokkeum Daehaengjin
Great March of Dancing & Singing Piranhas
Portuguese (NOA) O musical das plantas Piranha! The Piranha Plants' musical!
Portuguese (NOE) Desfile das Plantas Piranhas! Piranha Plant Parade!
Russian Песни, пляски и парад пираний
Pesni, plyaski i parad piraniy
Songs, Dances and Piranha Parade
Spanish El desfile de las Plantas Piraña The Piranha Plants' Parade


  • The English name of this level is a reference to the Pink Elephants on Parade scene from the Disney film Dumbo, a hallucination sequence in which the titular pink elephants dance and sing.