Break Time! Tumble House

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Break Time!
Tumble House
The Break Time! Tumble House course in Super Mario Bros. Wonder
World Fungi Mines
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
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Break Time! Tumble House is a Break Time! course in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It is found in the Fungi Mines, and is unlocked after Beware of the Rifts is completed. This course houses one Wonder Seed.


The players are in a giant square that has a spiral path inside, with many pipes, ? Blocks Coins, Flower coins throughout, with floating Talking Flower in the center. There are also five Wonder Tokens throughout the stage that must be collected to make the Wonder Seed appear. Close to the players is a ? Switch that when activated, causes the entire stage to rotate 90° to counterclockwise, stopping for a few seconds after each rotation. After all five Wonder Tokens have been collected, the Wonder Seed appears in the center of the square. After obtaining it, the course ends.

Talking Flower quotes[edit]

  • "Aaaaah!" (after the ? Switch is activated)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マジック回転かいてんハウス
Majikku kaiten hausu
Magic rotation house

French Rotation perpétuelle
Perpetual rotation
German Verdreht