Leaping Smackerel

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Leaping Smackerel
Luigi Swimming in Leaping Smackerel
World Petal Isles
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Difficulty ★★
Primary power-up Fire Flower
Wonder Effect Causes a giant Smackerel to appear
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Leaping Smackerel is a level in Petal Isles in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It is unlocked after clearing Angler Poplin's House, and houses two Wonder Seeds.


The level starts with a short beach area with a Smackerel occasionally rising up to break Hard Blocks. After taking the pipe, the player will enter an underwater area with several more pipes, and a few Sluglugs and some more Smackerels. After a structure of Brick Blocks, the player approaches the Checkpoint Flag. A few currents follow, which lead to an area with ten Sluglugs and another Smackerel leading to another Checkpoint Flag. After two more Smackerels, the player will be led via pipe to another beach area with the Goal Pole.

Wonder Flower[edit]

The Wonder Flower can also be found in a ? Block just above the second Checkpoint Flag; when collected, it causes a giant Smackerel to travel downwards and eat up the nearby ground, then switch directions and move forward, after which the player must tempt it into breaking the higher ground in the area in order to collect all of the Wonder Tokens, after which they will obtain the Wonder Seed. The pipe leading out of the area will take the player directly to the exit pipe.

10-flower coins[edit]

  • 10-flower coin 1: Below a row of Hard Blocks after the first Sluglug. The player must wait for a Smackerel to destroy some of the Hard Blocks in order to reach it.
  • 10-flower coin 2: When reaching the area with two Sluglugs above, the player must tempt the Smackerel into taking them both out to gain access to the nearby pipe. The 10-flower coin is on the other side, atop the higher palm tree.
  • 10-flower coin 3: Just after the first Checkpoint Flag, the player must hit a Hidden Block to cause a vine to grow downwards, which they must climb down. The 10-flower coin is in the hidden area below, above the top current in the area.

Enemies and obstacles[edit]

Talking Flower quotes[edit]

  • "Hi!"
    • "How ya doing?"
  • "Ahhh, smell that salt air!"
    • "Ugh, and the fish..."
  • "We just..."
  • "...float here..."
  • "...forever."
  • "Oh, hey. It's you."
    • "Wuh-waaaaaaah!" (after triggering the level's Wonder Effect)
    • "I'm alive?! I'm alive!"
    • "That thing was HUGE!" (after collecting the area's Wonder Seed)
    • "Like...did you SEE it?!"
  • "Agh! Hublubba! ...Hubba...hublba!"
    • "Oh no no no..."
    • "Well, that was something." (after collecting the area's Wonder Seed)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デーン!とるハイデンのなわばり
Dēn! to tobideru Haiden no nawabari
Territory of Smackerels jumping out like "bam!"

Chinese (simplified) 蹬! 的一声跳出来海蹬的地盘
Dēng! De yī shēng tiào chūlái Hǎidēng dì dìpán
Territory of Smackerels jumping out like "bam!"

Chinese (traditional) 蹬! 的一聲跳出來海蹬的地盤
Dēng! De yī shēng tiào chūlái Hǎidēng dì dìpán
Territory of Smackerels jumping out like "bam!"

Dutch Smackerel-rif
Smackerel reef
French Bassin des Limanges
Basin of Smackerels
German Im Territorium der Sandhechte
In Smackerel territory
Italian Sempre all'erta con gli Sfondaloni
Always on the lookout for Smackerels
Korean 펄쩍! 뛰어오르는 넙쩍이 출몰 구역
Peoljjeog! Ttwieooleuneun Neobjjeok'i chulmol guyeog
Jump up! Leaping Smackerel Infestation Area

Portuguese (NOA) Os Linguiados estão sempre alertas!
The Smackerels are always alert!
Portuguese (NOE) Emboscada de Perseguiçolhas
Ambush of Smackerels
Russian Осторожно, нямбалы! Больно кусаются!
Ostorozhno, nyambaly! Bol'no kusayutsya!
Be careful, Smackerels! They bite painfully!

Spanish Territorio Soterraballo
Smackerel Territory