Here Come the Hoppos

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Here Come the Hoppos
Luigi fighting Hoppos in Here Come the Hoppos in Super Mario Bros. Wonder
World Pipe-Rock Plateau
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Difficulty ★★
Wonder Effect Causes various Hoppos to roll around, including a giant version.
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Here Come the Hoppos is a course in Pipe-Rock Plateau of Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It features Hoppos as the main enemies of the course and serves as an introduction to said enemy. It is unlocked after beating Badge House in Pipe-Rock Plateau and its own completion unlocks Break Time! Wonder Token Tunes. This course houses two Wonder Seeds.

This level was not included in the Nintendo Live demo, and was replaced by Jewel-Block Cave instead.


Right at the start, Hoppo is introduced, on top of some ? Blocks and Brick Blocks. The player is opted to either jump on the Hoppo or hit the blocks below, immediately demonstrating that both of these choices make the enemy roll onto the side, defeating the Goombrat passing by. The Hoppo then gets stuck in a pit, allowing the player to jump on his body to gain height and to get on top of the semisolid platform. Shortly after, another Hoppo appears as well as more Goombrats, letting the player defeat them with ease. Right next to it is a Hoppo on top of a platform, with the intent to hit the Hoppo while the aforementioned one is stuck, showing the player that Hoppos can bounce on each other. Throughout the level, it is shown that Hoppos can interact with more objects, like an interactive tulip and coins/flower coins.

Further from the Checkpoint Flag, an area with red Pipes full of Piranha Plants make a blockade. However, with a Hoppo nearby, the player is intended to use the enemy to defeat the Piranha Plants, clearing the path. This Hoppo then gets stuck in another pit, allowing the player to reach a ? Block with a number bubble inside. After hitting it three times, an Elephant Fruit, coins and flower coins will burst from the bubble. Past that, three Hoppos appear, that can be hit to block the pits between the red pipes. They also allow the player to reach the interactive tulips more easily, which after a chain, spawn the Wonder Flower. This activates the Wonder Effect, which causes various Hoppos to fall from the sky, constantly rolling from each other. Shortly after, a massive Hoppo appears, guarding the Wonder Seed on top. After the Wonder Effect, a single Hoppo helps the player with grabbing the top of the Goal Pole.

10-flower coins[edit]

  • 10-flower coin 1: Found between two semisolid platforms. To reach the coin, the player can either get a Hoppo stuck in a pit and jump off of it or jump off of the second, higher semisolid platform.
  • 10-flower coin 2: After the first Water spout, two Hoppos stand on semisolid platforms that ascend in height. The player should jump on both Hoppos, getting the first stuck in a pit, which allows the second to bounce off of it and get stuck between two pipes. Jumping off of the second Hoppo will send the player to a secret sky area. There, the player can bounce a Koopa shell off of a Hoppo to activate a P Switch that causes Blue Coins to appear. The player should collect the coins, which lead to the flower coin at the end.
  • 10-flower coin 3: A Brick Block is embedded into a wall over a pit next to two red pipes. The player should pick up a Koopa shell and throw it at the block, which contains the coin.

Primary power-up[edit]


Talking Flower quotes[edit]

  • "Heya!" (near the first semisolid platform)
    • "Boiiing!" (when a Hoppo is blocking the pit)
  • "Hi! (in the above-the-clouds subarea)
  • "How'd you get up here?!" (on top of the hard blocks)
  • "Ah, what a peaceful day." (on top of the semisolid platform near the Wonder Flower)
    • "AaaAAah!" (once the Wonder Effect is activated)
    • "Wh-what's happening?!"
    • "Waaaah!"
    • "There's so many of them!"
    • "Do something!"
    • "Phew!" (once the Wonder Effect has ended)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ころがれコロンポリン
Korogare Koronpiron
Roll over, Hoppos
Chinese (Simplified) 滚动吧 弹滚波铃
gǔn dòng ba tán gǔn bō líng
Roll, Hoppos
Dutch Hier komen de Hoppo's Here come the Hoppos
French (NOA) Roule, roule, Roulipo! Roll, roll, Hoppo!
French (NOE) Roule, roule, Roulipo ! Roll, roll, Hoppo!
German Roll, roll, Rollf! Roll, roll, Hoppo!
Italian Rotola, rotola, Rotopoppo! Roll, roll, Hoppo!
Korean 굴러라! 데굴펄린!
Gulleora! Degulpeolin
Roll, Hoppo!
Portuguese (NOA) Hipobólamos show de bola! Awesome Hoppos! (The expression is also a pun on "ball")
Portuguese (NOE) Vai à bola com os Hipobólamos Get along with Hoppos (The expression is also a pun on "ball")
Russian Пом, пом, гиппопом!
Pom, pom, gippopom!
Stomp, stomp, Hoppo!
Spanish ¡Aquí vienen los Hipobótamos! Here Come the Hoppos!


  • Until late in development, this level was intended to occupy the spot Scram, Skedaddlers! does in the final game. Its internal name is Course003 (whereas Scram, Skedaddlers! has an internal name of Course004), and it was shown with the plains aesthetic in the reveal trailer for Wonder rather than the savannah theme it uses in the release version of the game. It was also the third level shown in the trailer, following the first two levels of the game.