Badge House in Pipe-Rock Plateau

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Badge House in Pipe-Rock Plateau
Mario failing to use his badge in the training grounds of Badge House in Pipe-Rock Plateau
World Pipe-Rock Plateau
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
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Badge House in Pipe-Rock Plateau is a Poplin house in Pipe-Rock Plateau in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It requires three Wonder Seeds to unlock. It is reached by beating Scram, Skedaddlers!, and its own completion unlocks an open area containing:

The last two levels can be unlocked after paying a Poplin to break the boulder blocking the path.

Upon entering the house, the Poplin inside thanks the player and Prince Florian for defeating the Piranha Plant guarding the level. In return, they gift them the Parachute Cap badge. After receiving it, the player can walk through the door on the other side to find a small training ground where they can try out the badge, consisting of two Semisolid Platforms and a line of arrows showcasing the trajectory of the Parachute Cap's glide. An interactive tulip on top of the red Semisolid Platform creates coins along the line of arrows when touched. The player can leave the level by exiting to the right, which clears it and opens the path forward.

Talking Flower quotes[edit]

  • "This way!" (inside the Poplin house)
    • "Wearable powers! Who'd've thought!" (when revisiting the level)
  • "Press R Button in midair!" (on the red Semisolid Platform)
    • "What is R Button, anyway?"
  • "See ya later!" (by the Arrow Sign next to the exit)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドカンロック平原へいげんバッジハウス
Dokan Rokku Heigen Bajji Hausu
Pipe-Rock Fields Badge House
French Pavillon à badge de la Plaine des tuyaux Pipe-Rock Plateau's Badge House
German Abzeichenhaus der Röhrenfelsen-Wiese Pipe-Rock Plateau's Badge House
Italian Casa delle spille sulla Piana Tubirocciosi Badges house on the Pipe-Rock Plateau
Portuguese Casa da insígnia no Planalto Rochacanos Badge House in Pipe-Rock Plateau
Spanish Casa insignia en la pradera Tubirroca Badge House in Pipe-Rock Plateau