Rolling-Ball Hall

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Rolling-Ball Hall
The characters startled by a golden Giant Spiked Ball in Super Mario Bros. Wonder
World Sunbaked Desert
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Difficulty ★★
Primary power-up Elephant Fruit
Wonder Effect The entire level tilts, causing Giant Spiked Balls to roll towards the player
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Rolling-Ball Hall is a cave level in Sunbaked Desert in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It is unlocked by standing on the three buttons with ? Block symbols on the world map, which will open a large door leading to this level. Clearing it unlocks Break Time! Revver Run. This course houses two Wonder Seeds, and has a difficulty of two stars.


The course starts with three Spike Balls falling from above, rolling to the right and destroying a few Brick Blocks. The ? Block here will give the player an Elephant Fruit if they aren't small. To the right is a downward sloped corridor where another Spike Ball will chase from behind, taking out a few Goombas along the way. After avoiding some more Goombas and an incoming Spike Ball, the player will make it to an area with Revvers and Brick Blocks positioned for them to destroy and open up new paths. Next is another downward sloping tunnel with a few Goombas, leading to a wall of Brick Blocks which will promptly be broken through by a Spike Ball that the player must dodge. Touching the Checkpoint Flag and falling down the hole will lead to the area where the Wonder Effect will take place; there are two large stone blocks to the left, and walking to the right will reveal two Giant Spiked Balls closed off behind Hard Blocks. If the player does not grab the Wonder Flower, they can pass to the right underneath the second Giant Spiked Ball to the final area of the level, where more Spike Balls will destroy Brick Blocks, including ones that allow the player to reach the top of the Goal Pole.

Although the two large stone blocks on the left side of the final room are meant to be destroyed by a Giant Spiked Ball during the Wonder Effect, it's possible to knock one of the regular Spike Balls into said blocks while in elephant form. If this is done to access the area without activating the Wonder Effect, there will be more Talking Flowers rather than just the one next to the Wonder Seed, and they will act bewildered and chastise the player for sequence breaking.

Wonder Flower[edit]

To reach the Wonder Flower, which is floating at the top of the screen, the player can go to the right and jump on some Brick Blocks to access the ceiling. Collecting it causes the level to tilt, spawns five Wonder Tokens, and changes the level's colors from purple to yellow. The aforementioned Giant Spiked Balls will start to roll towards the player and break the Hard Blocks containing them; at this point the player must run or slide to get away. The tilt orientation will change a few times during this Wonder Effect, resulting in the player having to run away from another Giant Spiked Ball. The second Giant Spiked Ball will break the stone blocks on the left side of the room, opening up a hole for players to fall down. Once they reach the bottom, a third, much larger, Giant Spiked Ball will roll in from offscreen, this time destroying the level terrain. Clearing this section will lead to a pipe that takes the player to a room with the final Wonder Token, and, if all five are collected, the Wonder Seed. This room appears to be part of an ancient stone structure and features statues of Poplins and Wonder Flowers. Taking the exit pipe will lead to the area shortly before the Goal Pole.

10-flower coins[edit]

  • 10-flower coin 1: Found above the area after the first corridor where the player runs away from a Spike Ball.
  • 10-flower coin 2: Found in a dark underground area accessed by using a Revver to break some Brick Blocks.
  • 10-flower coin 3: Found underneath a platform and surrounded by Brick Blocks before the end of the level, which will be destroyed by a rolling Spike Ball.


Talking Flower quotes[edit]

  • "Go on! Take it!" (referring to the Wonder Seed)
  • "Huh?!" (when sequence breaking)
  • "How'd you even get in here?" (when sequence breaking)
  • "Ugh, that ruins everything!" (when sequence breaking)
  • "You have to do things in a certain order!" (when sequence breaking)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 頭上ずじょう注意ちゅうい!ゴロゴロ回廊かいろう
Zujō chūi! Gorogoro kairō
Watch out above your head! Rumbling corridor

French Piste épineuse
Thorny path
German Wild leben in der Kegelbahn!
Living wild in the bowling alley!


  • When the level tilts for the Wonder Effect, the player character tilts along with the level and gravity continues to work perpendicular to the ground, giving the impression of the player jumping and falling at an angle. This suggests that the effect is achieved by simply tilting the camera rather than the level geometry itself.