KnuckleFest Bowser's Blazing Beats

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KnuckleFest Bowser's Blazing Beats
Mario striking a very rad pose in KnuckleFest Bowser's Blazing Beats in Super Mario Bros. Wonder
World Petal Isles
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Difficulty ★★★★
Wonder Effect Causes the characters to strike a pose, and starts "Bowser's Blazing Beats"
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“Not gonna lie, I'm a little impressed you've made it all the way here. Impressed and GLAD! It means I get to hit you with the greatest show of all time... I mean that literally. I'm gonna hit you now. Get ready for the most amazing, groundbreaking show ever produced! It's time to get this KnuckleFest started! Gwahahaha!”
Castle Bowser, Super Mario Bros. Wonder

KnuckleFest Bowser's Blazing Beats is the penultimate level within Castle Bowser in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. This level is unlocked after clearing Evade the Seeker Bullet Bills!, and completion of this level unlocks The Final Battle! Bowser's Rage Stage. This level has two Wonder Seeds.


The level starts with a row of Giant Fists smashing Bowser Blocks above the player, showing them that they can destroy these kinds of blocks. Not far after that is a platform that moves when the player jumps on it, but moves faster if ground-pounded. There is then some Takebo, more Giant Fists and more Bowser Blocks. Before the first checkpoint is a Dragon Bull's Eye Blaster that fires Dragon Bull's Eye Bills that home in on the player.

After the first checkpoint is more Dragon Bull's Eye Bills, Bill Blasters that fire Bullet Bills and moving platforms powered by jumping. There is then a long line of Giant Fists that break Bowser Blocks protecting moving platforms. After three more Giant Fists there is a pipe leading to the second checkpoint, but it is high up in the wall and the player needs the assistance of a moving platform to enter the pipe.

Beyond the second checkpoint is an interactive tulip that when activated causes the Wonder Flower to appear. Upon collecting the Wonder Flower, the player will strike a pose, and "Bowser's Blazing Beats" will play, causing all Takebo to dance to the music. In addition, Bill Blasters, Dragon Bull's Eye Bill Blasters, pipes with coins and Giant Fists all follow the rhythm with their abilities. This is a long section where the music progresses with the player's progress. Along the way, there are also moving platforms that add xylophone-like sounds to the music as they move. There is eventually a dead end, and once it is reached, the music goes to conclusion and the green lava below will rise up. Giant Fists to the sides will break Bowser Blocks to the music, and once the top is reached, the last seven Giant Fists will break the last six Bowser Blocks in order and finally a cage containing a Wonder Seed, ending the music with a sound of audience applause. After the Wonder Seed is obtained, the level returns to normal. To the right is a pipe that will take the player to the goal. One final moving platform and Dragon Bull's Eye Bill Blaster will help support the player to make it to the top of the flagpole.

10-flower coins[edit]

  • 10-flower coin 1: Floating above green lava right before the first checkpoint. The player can bounce off of a Dragon Bull's Eye Bill to get it safely.
  • 10-flower coin 2: Floating high up above in the space between to sets of giant fists. The player can run quickly on Bowser Blocks to jump to it easily.
  • 10-flower coin 3: During the "Bowser's Blazing Beats" section, the coin can be found above a Dragon Bull's Eye Bill Blaster, below a platform.

Primary power-up[edit]




Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ナックル フェスティバル ~King Beats You Up!~
Nakkuru Fesutibaru ~King Beats You Up!~
Knuckle Festival -King Beats You Up!-
Chinese (Simplified) 拳击庆典 ~King Beats You Up!~
Quánjī Qìngdiǎn ~King Beats You Up!~
Boxing Festival -King Beats You Up!-
Chinese (Traditional) 拳擊慶典 ~King Beats You Up!~
Quánjī Qìngdiǎn ~King Beats You Up!~
Boxing Festival -King Beats You Up!-
French Festival des poings Festival of fists
German Festival der Fäuste Festival of Fists
Italian Festival dei pugni: Il ritmo del re! Fist festival: The king's rhythm!
Portuguese (NOA) Festival de Socos: Rock in Rei! Lit. "Punch Festival: Rock-in-King!" (reference to Rock in Rio)
Portuguese (NOE) Festival dos Punhos: as batidas do rei! Festival of Fists: The king's beats!
Spanish Bowser Fest: Ritmo radical Bowser Fest: Radical Rhythm